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Beatcha, Anita!   Let'd Do This!   Jason

Apparently on the other board, this topic has "run its course..."   Uh, yeah....

Gotta agree with Cam...It WAS expensive. Anita got the Stadium burger. Yup. 'twas big.   Yup. Did the Wagyu upgrade.   Yup. Was about as expensive as the Burger at the Palace Kitchen .   Yee

Maybe of interest...



Burger Week at Red Cow

Ethan Stowell never had a burger on a menu until he opened his French bistro in Madrona; now Red Cow chef Thom Koschwanez is masterminding an entire week of burgers, culminating in a charity event. The restaurant will serve a special lineup (Wagyu beef, Mediterranean lamb, lemon and thyme chicken, salmon and rosemary, and a foraged mushroom burger) from Monday, September 22 to Saturday the 27th. On Saturday, Red Cow opens early (11am) and both the house burger and its foraged mushroom counterpart will go for $10 apiece (including fries, beer, and lemonade). Proceeds go to the nearby Amara Adoption and Parenting Services.

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And now it's my turn to suck: I totally forgot about lunch at the Peruvian place, and booked something else in that timeslot. I'm so sorry! Still good for BoM. Shall we stick with the 10th in the hopes that DaGoose can swing by?

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I think we should go to Katsu Burger this Friday to celebrate their re-opening, and then maybe drinks somewhere after since they'll close at 9? What say ye?

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