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Beatcha, Anita!   Let'd Do This!   Jason

Apparently on the other board, this topic has "run its course..."   Uh, yeah....

Gotta agree with Cam...It WAS expensive. Anita got the Stadium burger. Yup. 'twas big.   Yup. Did the Wagyu upgrade.   Yup. Was about as expensive as the Burger at the Palace Kitchen .   Yee

Paul and I are in for the 10th. Maybe we should try Damn the Weather or other new places in Pioneer Square after?

Excellent plan! Shall we meet at Katsu burger at 630?


I have:

Eden & Bill

Paul & Lauren,


and maybe DaGoose and/or White Lotus?

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Tried the burger at The Old Sage tonight. Very tasty! it was right on the edge of being overwhelmed by the condiments, but the beef flavor did come through. The house made bun held up nicely. I would have preferred fries but the root chips were interesting. Everything we had was extremely well made and flavorful if a bit pricey, and the Scotch menu seemed particularly $$$ but I would still recommend a BoM excursion, especially on a Tuesday when the scotches are all half price...


"The Old Sage Burger $15. bacon, agro dolce onion, urfa biber aioli, mountain cheese, homemade milk bun with spring onion, buttermilk root chips. hickory & Mesquite smoke."

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