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Beatcha, Anita!   Let'd Do This!   Jason

Apparently on the other board, this topic has "run its course..."   Uh, yeah....

Gotta agree with Cam...It WAS expensive. Anita got the Stadium burger. Yup. 'twas big.   Yup. Did the Wagyu upgrade.   Yup. Was about as expensive as the Burger at the Palace Kitchen .   Yee

I'll call and 'warn' them that we're all ordering burgers. Anyone who can get there at 6:00 do so (I'll be there as close to it as I can get) and the rest join us when you can.

Should one of us call about Wednesday night too?


For Wednesday so far, there's:


da goose +1

Sally Simpleton +1







I figure me & my +1 will be bussing from Fremont and could aim closer to 6.


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I was actually just planning on taking the bus from work, sorry Jan.



No problem. If Gary rides with Eden and Bill, I may have the car and could give you a ride.....but we should probably make these plans offline.....

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Is there room for Fred and Ed on either Tuseday or Wednesday?


Sure, Wednesday should work. I'll add you.



We have a reservation for 6:30 PM tonight under my name. See you all there! (I may be a bit late.)

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I'll post pics tomorrow but suffice to say that if someone wants to set up a third BoM group - I'd be on board. I need to have that artichoke dish again. All to myself :lol:

I agree, great burger, excellent fries and other good sides (the fried potato puffs with the cheese fondue and the pork belly, yum) were all delicious, but that warm artichoke salad was one of the best things I've eaten in ages!

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