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Austin. April 2. Jaymes and Co.

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I'm starting this thread for obvious reasons. Hope it doesn't get deleted.


Can y'all come? What time is good?


Edited to add: Anyone who is new to this group is MORE than welcome to join us! Just pm me and I will send you directions to my house.

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Yea for a party! A great excuse to take the day off.


I vote for mid-afternoon or evening. That's the night before daylight savings fyi.


Now... we need a THEME! :rolleyes:


How about "food from where you're from"


Or, vodkas from around the world. Food optional.


Or, 1,001 things to do with all those darn easter eggs and candy.



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I THINK we were going to do a wine tasting. I was gonna corral a wine geek from the CM dept and try to get some bottles comped from vendors. Then the geek was gonna tell us what goes well with what he's bringing, and we were gonna cook.


Correct me if I'm wrong???


Early evening is good for me: that way I can go to work in the morning til 3 or so...

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I've lined up a wine guy to choose some bottles for us and also come and talk to us about them.


So now we need to decide how to proceed. As I recall, we each threw in $10 last time to cover the cost of the wine.


Should I ask our wine guy (Joe , from CM) to choose 4 great wines for us to sample , and then a few other inexpensive ones for us to drink when the great stuff is gone? How about 4 wines for under $25???


Help me out here. He can go eclectic and unusual if we want.


Edited to include: we need to start a guest list asap.


I'll be there along with spouse. That's 2 of us....

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I need to know approximate numbers for the April 2 gathering. Below are the wines that have been selected by Joe. I've also included food pairing suggestions.


It will become obvious why I need numbers: how many bottles will we need, and how do we keep the cost down?


Starter:Conti Neri Prosecco $11.49

Good sparkling, paired with antipasti, cheese or salad


Second course: Rowlands Central Otago Pinot Noir, New Zealand $28.99

Paired with smoked fish or duck (perhaps smoked duck wontons? or a duck confit?) I wanted something challenging both in the food and wine department for this. This is the wild card wine...What do you think??


Third course: Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino (San Giovese) $27.99

No question: we'll need a few of y'all to bring an nice beefy, cheesy lasagne for this one! If three of us make lasagne, each one serving 6, it will be affordable. Or 4 of us, each serving 4. Whatever.... Joe is excited about this food and wine pairing.


Dessert: Balestri Valda Recioto di Soave $32.99

You dessert queens figure this one out!


So there you go . Jump in, everyone. Oh: with discount, two bottles of each wine, total comes to $184.40. Without tax.


See what I mean? I need to know how many people , how many bottles before I write a check on Thursday.

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Count 1 for me. I may bring a guest, but that's up in the air. And don't get your panties in a bunch, it's not a man, it's my mom. :rolleyes:


I will volunteer for a salad to go with course 1. I may also grab some interesting cheese as I'm moving on to the deli department and I know there's some cool ones to try on the cheese wall.

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Me, me, me....and remember what a lightweight I am...quit snickering Phil, I mean as far as how much wine I can drink--about 1 whole glass. But I guess that will be balanced by how much the others, who shall remain nameless, can suck down. And I can bring any of the suggested food categories-I'll wait and see where the holes in the menu are...

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