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Austin. April 2. Jaymes and Co.

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I'm going to buy the wine this week, then. It may come to $200 because I think we need three bottles of the Casanovi. There may be up to 20 of us. Cost may come to $12 a person. I hope that's OK? I'll have to ask your guests to pay up as well. Is THAT OK, too?


I need you folks to commit to what you'll bring. Here's what we need:


2 people to bring cheeses for the first course. I'll get suggestions from Joe. I'm talking about just a taste for each person, to go with the prosecco. One person to bring a box of those fabulous microgreens grown in Dripping Springs, a head of lettuce, everything tossed with a light vinaigrette. Everyone will get just a little, along with the cheese.


Second course: David is doing something. Is there anyone else who will do one? It can be as easy as smoked salmon.


Main: lasagne is expensive! We need 4 people to each make one, serving 5. They can be different recipes, but basically beef and cheese.


Desserts: how about 1 dessert? Usually those end up being pretty big and go a long way.


I'll fill in the gaps as necessary and let y'all choose first.

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Aw heck, I'll sign up for a lasagna. But be warned, it will be my first ever. How big of a pan serves 6 people? An 11x7?


And I'll still bring cheese unless someone else is dying to do that. the cheese wall at my current store isn't as exciting as I'd hoped.




p.s. Bunch = wedgie Wad = on the floor, in a corner

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Longhorn Gal: a 9x9 is big enough. Do you need a recipe? If so, I am sure that Red Queen will share!! (for a small fee, Red Queen might even make YOUR lasagne....)


Jaymes is bringing cheese. I'll let her know what kind as soon as I talk to Joe about it.

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What a concept! It can be a variation on the "you buy, I'll fly" routine. I can come by Longhorn Gal's store, she can give me the ingredients. then I arrive at Foodie 52's house with a finished lasagna. Then I can add another catering gigs (small as it may be) to my retirement resume.... The Williams-Sonoma thing is getting kind of catch-as-catch can....

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Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it, since we've got company that weekend and it's our only full day to spend with them. (Which is also too bad because we've got things to return to people: Anna's book (!), a red/black spatula and a silver ladle. Plus foodie52's thing for coming closest in our baby pool...) But I can certainly arrange to get those back to the appropriate people another day!

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