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BBQ Fest II - Sheik's

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The 23rd is good for me too :rolleyes:


I'm not sure what too bring quite yet....maybe one of my slaws or something cornbread-y. Too early for me to settle on just one (or two) things since thinking about it is fun too. Too early for corn on the cob and fresh green beans. Beer is always in season though.


Tighe....Thanks for hosting!

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How about April 15 or 16 for the BBQ fest chez tighe? What better way to drown you tax sorrows than in a mountain of ribs?   Last time everyone signed up to provide one classic (or not so classic)

I'm so happy that this seems doable for most people. I will probably bring my friend Rob to the party.

Holy hell, I didn't think I was going to be hungry again, but those luscious photos put paid to that. Thanks vengroff.   I liked Jones more than Sheik's, though they were both enjoyable. Jones got

I will bring a dessert. Probably a frozen ice cream type of thing. What would a BBQ be without some sort of ice cream and no it won't have chocolate in it. I'll try and have that on the side.

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The 23rd sounds good to me. I need a MsRamsey fix :rolleyes:


And Seawakim and Seawadave?

The 23rd looks good for Dayne and I...we'll bring our fryer and make deep fried pickles!!


We are seeing Dave and Kim tomorrow so I will make sure they know about the event. Kathy we look forward to seeing you!

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i would love to come to this. after all, tighe was my first friend in online food, and there are so many others i'd love to meet. i'm supposed to go to eastern washington for barrel tasting, but i think the lure of the 'cue is too strong. rob, unfortunately will be traveling. i'll bring whatever needs to be brought.

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Here's a summary post of what we have so far, please provide corrections as necessary.....


What: BBQ Fest II

Where: tighe & scrat's house

When: April 23, 2 PM (?)


Who (bringing what):

tighe & scrat (baked beans & picking up 'cue)

Anita, Cam & 2.5 visitors (potato salad & maybe cobbler)

Leslie (chile rellenos casserole)

Rocky & Dani (sweet tea & mojitos)


vengroff +1 (deviled eggs & white bread)


Fred & Ed (frozen ice cream type thing)

Seagal & Seaguy (Costa Rican slaw)

Abra +1 (9 layer caramel cake)

Lauren & Paul (mac & cheese)

heyjude +1

white lotus (seasonal vegetable/salad like thing...)

Char (pasta salad)

TamIam (slaw or cornbread)

girl chow (drunken watermelon)

Wendy & Dayne (deep fried pickles)



That's 30.5 people! :rolleyes: Our house is big enough, but let's hope for good weather.

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I'll bring a Costa Rican-style Slaw with hearts of palm and either beer or wine or both.


Thanks again for hosting this!



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I'll bring mac and cheese. Vince, since you and Pat will be doing so much just by having it at your house, I'd be open to making baked beans if you want...........

I think we can handle the beans, not really labor intensive. If someone wants to sign up to bring disposable plates, cups and/or cutlery instead of food, that could be a good thing.


Another thought...if our numbers get big enough (or maybe they already are) would it make sense to get a keg?

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[frat]Wooo! Kegger at Tighe and Scrat's house! [/frat]

Toooga! Tooooga! Tooooga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Wooooo!


Rocky :rolleyes: looking out for Dean Wormer

Crackin' me up!!!!


Animal House is probably my favorite movie...in part because I went to high school with OTTER...lol



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i'll be happy to provide plates/napkins/cups and cutlery.


ya'll can try my cooking another time. :rolleyes:



unless no one wants to makes collards. mine are atypical, but they're tasty.

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