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Mexican chocolate, so what's anyone doing with it these days?


It's no secret that I love chocolate and have had a long fasicnation with Mexican chocolate. I'm always on the look out for new ways to use it or prepare it. Here's a variation on hot chocolate that I like a lot


While the milk/water is heating tossed in some cloves, nutmeg and red pepper flakes (all to taste) and let those steep. Once the milk/water is just below the boil add 1 bar of Mayordomo semiamargo (semisweet) chocolate and let it melt. Then add either orange oil or orange zest. Fish out the cloves and pour into a blender, whirl on highest speed for a couple of minutes to develop the foam. The chile and orange go really well with the chocolate and add a whole new dimension to hot chocolate.


Are there variations on this theme that other folks are doing?


I've had success in incorporating Mexican chocolate into a pecan pie, bread pudding and I'm close on a brownie recipe. I've discovered ways to make it melt and to deal with the extra sugar. It really is possible to bake successfully with Mexican chocolate. So I'm seeking ideas, suggestions or other recipes for using Mexican chocolate. Anyone have any recipes they'd care to share?

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Several months ago I had occasion to make a dessert in a red-hot hurry (I'm not much of a dessert eater, people were coming for dinner, and I flat-out forgot that they were all big on a sweet at the end of a meal). A quick perusal of the pantry and refrigerator gave me very little to go on: no flour, no fruit, not much of anything to turn into a quick but good dessert.


Except there was a bag of tablets of Zacatecas chocolate de metate. A lightbulb went on and I hauled out a recipe for flourless chocolate cake and used the Mexican chocolate to make it. I adjusted the sugar and did something else to tweak it, and it was marvelous. They loved it.


Next time I'd add some chile--wish I'd thought of it at the time. I'm poking around looking for the recipe I used, but I don't think it matters much. Mine was just whatever I had at hand that afternoon.

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I have made a very simple sorbet by dissolving a tablet of the mayordomo chocolate in hot water - as per box instructions. I let the mixure chill overnight and then put it through my Donvier ice cream maker. Refreshing.


I love the chili infusion and orange idea, that too would make a lovely addition to the sorbet.

Must try it.



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