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top splurge/fine dining restaurants of the bay area according to soleil ho

note there’s a pay wall

for those of you who are able to access this piece, hubby and i have been to five restaurants on this list of 27: benucaliforniosmouradnari (which some of you may know as pim’s newest sf venture) and saison.

we’re considering atelier crenn, the shota or kaiseki saryo hachi later this year.

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I’m gonna shoehorn this into this thread. (Have eaten at Atelier Crenn, and it was really good (particularly price-value)). So now: ISO a lunch option in SF post-De Young next week (Obama Portraits exhibit). Have eaten at the museum restaurant, in the past, and it’s nothing to write home about – fair food, and a very loud room. Thought of Kin Khao, but they remain closed in the wake of Covid (apparently?). Ate at their “Dog Patch” outpost last year, but that’s now closed, too. Ideally a place where I could drop my mom off (somewhat mobility-challenged) and then park (easily) nearby. Perhaps Diancecht could weigh in.

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Murray Circle at Cavallo Point has view, setting and parking as features.   I've never been for lunch but dinner has been civilized and well served.   Food is predictable rather than astounding.    The lunch menu is limited.  

I note that many of our target restaurants are closed for renovation this and part of next month,   A shame.

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8 hours ago, Diancecht said:

perhaps monsieur benjamin?

wilf reviewed his experience a while ago. definitely recommended; we haven’t been there since before covid though. 

other ideas:

spinnaker in sausalito which would require traveling over the golden gate bridge (hubby says there’s a ramp involved if your mom has a wheelchair)

prospect (300 spear (folsom))


Been to Monsieur Benjamin twice. I liked it. Not fining dining, kind of trad bistro food in a very modern setting.

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That’s also been my experience re fd and lunch in sf. i had thought of sausalito, so thanks to diancecht for that rec. also voyager’s suggestion of Murray Circle sounds promising. thanks again to all for the help

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