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Bought a few shad roe at Giuffre's Seafood on Salem St in the North End..sauteed in a little butter...fabulous. Also beautiful swordfish steak, cut to order from a mid size fish.

Citarella has had the shad fillets and the roe for about a month now. The last time I was there, earlier this week, the roe sacs still seemed a little on the small side. Have yet to try any this seas

I think it was $9.50/lb. Does that sound right? I bought a big sword steak and they added it together.


Funny thing, the fish monger, who's a second generation (at least)owner of the mkt asked if I liked shad roe. My truthful answer, I'd had it a few times but hadn't much cared for it...but wanted to give it another try." I asked him if he'd ever had it..answer was no.

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I couldn't see a thread for this, so I thought I'd start one. The roe has arrived. $15.99 a pair at Grand Central Wild Edibles. I just don't have time to cook any before the weekend, but I am set on trying to breadcrumb and sautee this year, as well as the usual pan roasts.


(I know we started discussing this somewhere else...)

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Lambertville, NJ has an annual Shad Festival--it's May 21 & 22 this year.

I live in lLambertville. Interestingly, the shad fest has creatd a big controversy this year, as they are adjusting the date to accomodate the Chamber of commerce...but the shad will have completed their River run by May21. It's become one of those "old time shad fest", built around the fish, versus "new time shad fest" built around the weather, vendors and $$$. Next year, it will go back to its earlier date.

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I don't know that I have anything new to say, but I do love this stuff. Chaps at Wild Edibles claim the season started late this year, which isn't my impression, but they are confident it has a few weeks to run.


Anyway, the usual sublime pan roast with white wine, cream, and smoky lardons. Added some rehydrated porcini mushrooms I had left over - a successful combination; and just about any fresh herb is sensational in this dish, and chives were to hand.


Oh, I do love it. Consumed with a goblet of Viognier. And followed, oddly enough, by a slice of Bouley's lemon cake which is keeping an almost disturbingly long time in the refrigerator.

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Ran it this evening.


Sauteed in butter. Finished in the oven


Slow Caramelized Vidalia Onions (very dark, not burnt)

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Beurre Rouge

Pinot Noir Veal Demi-Glace.


Sold quite a bit.

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Shad roe two ways last night.


The traditional pan roast with cream, bacon, oyster mushrooms, and in this case new season ramps ;) . Served with smooth, buttery mashed potatoes.


Dipped in beaten egg, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs, fried and served with lime wedges and a simple lettuce and tomato salad.


Everyone liked the usual pan roast best, but both were good.


Drank cava.

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