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Bought a few shad roe at Giuffre's Seafood on Salem St in the North End..sauteed in a little butter...fabulous. Also beautiful swordfish steak, cut to order from a mid size fish.

Citarella has had the shad fillets and the roe for about a month now. The last time I was there, earlier this week, the roe sacs still seemed a little on the small side. Have yet to try any this seas

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Having not cooked it yet, I am looking forward to playing around with it.. Whats your favorite preparation, favorite pairing.. I see in the Inn at Little Washington Book he puts it with banana.. Miss Edna Lewis has some interesting recipes.. Lets get into it..

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A search for "shad roe" in titles turns up four threads, which I think could usefully be merged if the Admins have the opportunity - perhaps in the fish forum.


Last season was a complete wash-out, with the roes being so small that selling them was - I understand - legally questionable. I hope for better this year.

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I found this other recipe where it is boiled and mashed.. Then fried like fritters.. I see it boiled, broiled, baked, pan fried, deep fried,steamed, bacon wrapped, phylo wrapped,simmered in tomato sauce, served in soups and salads.. Lots of choices here.. I live in Manhattan but it appears the Minnow in Brooklyn is being the most adventurous.. Might have to head on over one of these days.. Too bad the diet re-started this morning.. I dont know if its cheating if I am on official bite club business..

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I cannot imagine why anyone would boil and pound it to make fritters. It is incredibly delicate, and cooks in moments anyway. If you like the fritter idea, just batter or bread it and fry it as it comes. As for diets, it's very good with a cream sauce. :P

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At the fishmonger's nearby, the guy's wife gave me this shad recipe, which I have translated as best I can. I won't try it myself 'cause I'm alone and it's too much.


Oven Roasted Shad with roe


Choose a beautiful whole shad of approximately four-and-and-a-half pounds. Remove the scales and reserve the eggs (My fish-person will do this. Yours probably will too).


Chop the following finely to make a stuffing:

- the shad roe

- 6 ounces of dry ham (prosciutto, serrano, Bayonne, etc.)

- 4 to 5 beautiful shallots

- 1 whole egg

- 2 or 3 cloves of garlic

- salt and pepper


Moisten it all with a small glass of Armagnac and thicken it with some bread crumbs.


Slice the fish in inch-and-a-half pieces and reassemble it in an oven-safe dish, putting a bit of sorrel between the slices. Put the stuffing inside the fish and arrange any surplus all around. Moisten it all with dry white wine, the best you can afford.


Cover the dish with aluminum foil. If you have the time, let the whole thing marinate 2 or 3 hours in the refrigerator. Cook it in an average oven for about an hour. Remove the foil and to let it cook until the wine has evaporated and the stuff on the bottom of the dish starts to caramelize.


Arrange the fish and stuffing on a hot platter, deglaze the pan with a little wine, and pour the sauce over the whole. Serve it with potatoes or braised endives or leeks and something green.

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Above average oven I would watch the time more carefully.. With ugly shallots you should serve your guests a couple of beers first to make them look more appealing.. :P

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