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Oh, cool. Now I know what to have for dinner on Friday (Paul will be away, and he's not fond of its richness).


ETA: any suggestions of restaurants likely to have it, if I don't feel like cooking?


Grand Central Oyster Bar.




I note the article dates from 9 February. It might be worth seeing if any of the usual places (GT (Tavern Room)/Savoy/Blue Hill) are serving it now.

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Bought a few shad roe at Giuffre's Seafood on Salem St in the North End..sauteed in a little butter...fabulous. Also beautiful swordfish steak, cut to order from a mid size fish.

Citarella has had the shad fillets and the roe for about a month now. The last time I was there, earlier this week, the roe sacs still seemed a little on the small side. Have yet to try any this seas

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