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You know what I think? I think you're just a bugger. And you enjoy this. And you don't believe even half of what you say. So whether or not it has any merit is of no importance to you whatsoever. <_<

But it's not me saying it,is it? I just quoted one of London's leading restaurant reviewers on Brazilian food And she describes it as fat laden, carb laden, peasanty food.


Frankly I was amazed, and still am, that people got so excised about this. It is the case that where you have loads of people living in poverty and working incredibly physically hard for a living, the food they eat will be designed to impart lots of calories and energy-plenty of fat, carb and starch. It's the same in most of sub Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. The food HAS to be like this for people to derive maximum energy at minimum cost.


But for the cuisine to transmute into one that people want to eat in restaurants in places like London and New York, it has to gussy itself up and re-invent itself somewhat as a "destination" cuisine-which is what Mocoto is clearly trying to do. I don't see a problem with that at all.

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