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Blank Street Coffee Can Just Go Blank Themselves

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This article in the Times a couple of weeks ago sort of infuriated me...

It’s Not Just You — Blank Street Coffee Is Suddenly Inescapable

So - why the infuriation? It's not as if I drink coffee out, because quite frankly I don't, unless it's absolutely necessary, or I'm somewhere where a shot of espresso seems like a good idea. But...



By this summer, New Yorkers across boroughs had noticed a new coffee chain multiplying faster than shark sightings at Rockaway Beach. No longer just a cart, the business has appeared in compact storefronts in residential neighborhoods in Brooklyn and near tourist attractions in Manhattan, on Midtown’s busy corners and in SoHo’s shopping drags. In just two years, Blank Street has opened 40 shops in the city, more than any locally owned competitor.

To fuel that growth, Blank Street raised $67 million last year; investors include high-profile venture capital funds like General Catalyst and Tiger Global, the founders of Allbirds and Warby Parker, and the real estate giant Tishman Speyer.


That's why.  And then yesterday, I'm up on Lexington Avenue in the 80s, and sure enough what do I see...


So, yeah, just blank fuck you.

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Just now, Anthony Bonner said:

eh. give it time. They'll fuck themselves

That's my hope and dream!

Not that the others who have taken mucho money are that much better (Joe, Intellegentsia, Blue Bottle, et al.), but at least that was after starting life out in a more traditional manner.  This shop pictured above is literally across the street from a Joe, which seems to be another one of their marketing strategies.

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it’s fucking awful. even the current nestle owned version of blue bottle is better, which is really saying something.

what you get at a joe coffee is in another universe quality wise.

I pass two of them when I walk my son to school. drives me nuts.

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17 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

eh. give it time. They'll fuck themselves

If the coffee concept doesn't work out, they'll just remove the espresso machines and rebrand as Blank Dōri Omakase. 

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19 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

The shops appear to be just about the right size for that.


It's not just the size, but that they don't need venting or any kind of permit-worthy work. 

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