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What's interesting is that you read all the old Greene material now being published in her memory, and you see how much the social culture in New York has changed since her day (which was the '70s thr

I'm ready, Margie!

Well, I've seen THAT one.  

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I know Cuozzo was mentioned earlier, perhaps not for these reasons...


At a time when reviewing was mainly the purview of tradition-craving men who venerated French cuisine, Greene pioneered a new, more personal voice to bring restaurants of all kinds to life. 


But there was nothing careless about her approach to gastronomy. For my money, she knew more about world cuisine — from local hot dogs to Vietnamese delicacies — than any of her peers.


She challenged established takes on “legendary” restaurants. She ridiculed snooty old establishments such as 21 Club while celebrating the city’s entire restaurant scene in all its fast-growing variety.


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11 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

And it should be clear from @small h's response to the Wildair menu that kind of places I'm talking about aren't the kind of places she tends to go for group dining.

In my head, Wildair doesn't even have any fourtops, just some bar tables for two. Probably because all I know about it I know from walking by.

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