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What y'all up to?

I am hosting. Roast squabs* with asparagus, preceded by individual poached omelettes (beaten eggs cooked in a poacher) stuffed with fresh shrimp from Chinatown. Then British cheeses. My daughter is responsible for bringing soofle and what she maintains will be a keto-friendly pumpkin pie.

Headed out to source some wine momentarily.

*Ordered last minute but laudably delivered on time: D'Artagnan.

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I was supposed to bring local California cheeses to the Thanksgiving fest in Pennsylvania, but I left them in our fridge and thus had to buy all the cheeses at Wegman's (rather than just the washed-ri

Reservations at Hawksmoore. Nice to have the evening off

Squab on the launch pad with gizzards and necks. Saving livers for breakfast.

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Son’s household of 5, here.   By request menu = 

ham, mac and cheese, stuffing, roast carrots, peas, rolls.   They are bringing apple pie.

Then the twins’ birthday on Friday =
rack of lamb and lamb stew, more roast carrots, more mac and cheese, lemon cake.

Weird kids.

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My sister's place in NOLA, flying out early tomorrow. The usual stuff: turkey, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, cranberry sauce, stuffing, salad, some kind of cooked vegetable. I'm getting there too late to make the sour cream apple walnut pie, which is my usual job, so I think she's gonna take a stab at it.

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2 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

We're having 13 kids and 12 adults for US - England on Friday 

Pizza for kids. Not pizza for the adults.  Unclear what that will be. 

I don't know 12 adults who I can abide.  Much less their 13 kids.   You are a saint.  

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cheese plate

pâtè with black truffles 


porcini mushroom salad

rack of lamb with sundried tomatoes, olives and garlic confit

roasted potatoes

spinach with chard

brandied pumpkin pie

blackberry crumble pie


hubby managed to obtain the israeli chocolate-orange liqueur pictured below; i am told it is exceptionally difficult to find.



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