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The latest Hand Hospitality joint. And it’s… fine. Cocktails were nice, often sounding more complex on paper than they tasted but at least not cloyingly sweet. The “Gochugaru” - I could taste the mustard, if slightly, on the finish. The one with the pine needle tea was nice too. 

Dishes are small, for sure, so despite the low price points it can add up. 

Soba with XO sauce & poached egg was very hearty, tasty in a kind of obvious way. The shrimp were beautifully poached. Lamb-stuffed peppers might have been the standout, were it not for the tempura coating being an absolute frying oil soaked sponge. The lamb was properly gamey, and the yogurt dipping sauce solid. If only it hadn’t left me feeling like I’d just greased a pan. With my face. 

Beef soup was in the style of seolleongtang, ie nearly unsalted. Though unlike a seolleongtang there was no salt or white pepper on the table. Nor was it cooked to that milky look/texture. Decent enough if basic. 

Unfortunately they forgot to bring us one dish, octopus salad with a seaweed vinaigrette. Bummer. Maybe that would’ve been the standout dish? 

In the end, not in the top echelon of Hand restaurants (for us - Han, Nonono, Tonton… Take31 maybe) but above the bottom (Palpal, and I guess LittleMad because of the QPR)

The food was decent overall, quibbles aside. It’s the kind of place I’d be happy enough to go back to… yet nothing was calling us back, either. I would say it’s a good place to grab a cocktail and snack at the bar… except there is no bar. 

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I guess as to LittleMäd I just figure that the QPR on eating out is so terrible in all events that you can't really hold it against places unless we're talking about something on the EMP level of ridiculousness.

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So weird, 'cause I don't think we had a single thing that you did (except the drink).

We had our Christmas Eve dinner here. My sister & BIL wanted Korean food, which is not well represented in NOLA, where they live.

Everything I had was very good, especially the Dolsot Al-Bap, which is what got me in the door in the first place. Roe, uni, egg and rice in a hot stone bowl? Yes, please. Beautiful crunch to the rice, nice, light flavor (not as fishy or salty as it could have been, if it were less good). And the server asked whether anyone wanted to take a picture before she mixed it up. LOL, also yes!


The  soft shell crab. The body was a lot meatier and more flavorful than the legs, which just tasted like fry.


Complimentary slaw-type thing, a welcome addition, since we didn’t order any vegetables. Octopus with kimchi, raw fish (fluke and yellowtail) ssam.


Eel and eggplant, which looked exactly the same! Until you bit, you didn’t know which was which.


And the Gochugaru, which was spicy, obviously, hence the name.


The only dish I wouldn’t recommend is the dessert we had, a shave ice, which was refreshing but dull. Service was friendly and efficient, and a little too heavy on the upsell. The two “must order” dishes, according to our server, were among the most expensive on the menu. And like any restaurant that offers “shareable” food, this one suggested that we order more dishes than our instinct told us to. 6 dishes for four people was plenty.

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Everything except the raw fish is very sweet. When asked for a spicy addition to the supposedly spicy pork, the only item the kitchen has is commercial chili extract. The Al Bap was the best of the lot.

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