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Bar business suffering in January

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I've heard that a dry January is the harbinger of a very wet February.  $10 bottle wholesale in Europe = $20 glass in nyc (after tip)  

I don’t mind going to bars where the drinks may be merely competent. I mean, i don’t go to a place like Jimmy’s Corner because I want a great cocktail. I go because it’s fucking Jimmy’s Corner!

Exactly, exactly. What I am struggling to explain to myself if that when I worked in an office five days a week, I had a great need to get out for an hour in the evening just to get out. Now I wo

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23 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I really miss the Oak Room. So many great memories.

Okay, aside from Melissa Errico grabbing my wrists enthusiastically (my wife wondered if she was defending herself) and being able to speak face to face with the wonderful Linda Purl…

Best story is I attended a show solo (I cannot remember who the singer was) and got seated in a tiny slot on a banquette. At the end of the show, this banquette turned out to be reserved for friends of the accompanying pianist. 

(Not my fault.)

So after the show, he comes along, greeting and schmoozing with his friends. I can hardly squeeze out and am waiting for my check anyway. 

He gets to me and a quizzical look comes over his face. I go all in and tell him how great he was and shake his hand.

He moves on.

The check comes. $0.00. He is comping all his friends.

Okay, thank you.


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23 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I really miss the Oak Room. So many great memories.

I agree completely. It was such a great space. I was at the Algonquin recently and got so depressed.

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I know this is now February, but...

Paid $20 per cocktail at Dear Irving. Didn't sting as much as usual because the martinis included a gin I like that I've never stocked at home; they were very carefully and well made; it's a comfortable bar with good service; and it was perfectly located as I was headed for the Goethe-Institut for an Ernst Jünger shindig.

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I wrote elsewhere...


I had exactly that conversation with a bartender on Tuesday and we both tend to agree with you.

This was at Uptown Bourbon, a neighborhood dive where serious cocktails are offered and (the clue is in the name) upscale whiskys are available.

Here's the thing. It has a happy hour and not the kind restricted to a short list of weak drinks. I had two cocktails for $11 each (plus tip). Now that is tolerable. That is not like $40, $50, $60.

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