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Common Dishes You'd Never Make at Home

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Sauerkraut I have made. Maybe twice. Charcuterie is a good one. Yes I have made pate, crepinettes and filled sausage skins — but those are things I rarely consider doing.

Not strictly charcuterie but I think the last “sausages” I made featured stuffed chitterlings.

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No you don't. As you occasionally use a skillet, a Dutch oven or wok are perfectly fine for deep frying.

N is planning to make sauerkraut tomorrow, but she's the queen of home fermentation.

I'm not making my own tortillas, creampuffs, or filo/streudel dough.  I suppose I could make pho if I really wanted to, but there are so many pho places here that there's no real point.

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fleischers would sell thinly sliced meat for cheese steaks if you asked them - they would freeze it for a bit first and then slice it.

I learned how to make pretty good fries during the pandemic. I have a lodge dutch oven that works pretty well, the oil lasts a really long time if you don't fry meat.

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