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The Seagull/Woodstock, NY

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Another recommendation. At the Pershing Square Signature Center, a complex I've never noticed even though I must have been to the adjacent Theater Row a hundred times.

Young Black playwright's adaptation of (well it should be obvious). Updated, set in (well it should be obvious) and with a diverse cast -- allowing a bunch of fresh themes about race in the theater to be layered on top of Chekhov's concerns.

I have always wrestled with the idea that "The Seagull" was written as a comedy. The story is so tragic. But indeed, here we have a mix of genuinely hilarious comedy (especially the theater in-jokes) and the harrowing experiences of Konstantin (re-named Toby, I think) and Nina.

Very good cast with Parker Posey starring. Oh boy, she's funny. 

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I haven't been able to get Aleyse Shannon's performance as Nina out of my head. At one point, describing her struggles as a young actress, she says (from memory) "You can either tour the Black provincial theater circuit, or be the wisecracking sidekick of the white female lead."

So I've watched her two movies. In "Black Christmas" she plays the wisecracking sidekick of the white female lead. The kind of horror movie where there is such carnage that you'd like to see the police show up and ask questions. In "Beauty," she at least plays the lesbian sidekick of a Black female lead. 

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