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Must be my fourth time here, but it looks like I never started a thread. On the block at the bottom of St Nicholas Park, maybe three minutes from the Apollo or 25 minutes from my place (I walked home - brrrr).

I had a birthday celebration with family at the weekend, but on the day itself I was left to my own devices, so I went to Maison Harlem and stuffed myself. Reservations, by the way, are highly advisable, even midweek. It's not a destination restaurant but it's popular in the neighborhood.

A massive slab of foie gras torchon with salad and toasted baguette.

Duck confit  à l'orange, somewhat charred and overdone, with a cauliflower gratin -- much more useful to me than a traditional potato gratin.

I wanted to finish with cheese, but they only list large cheese boards (five or three cheeses) for sharing. I went for three cheeses. Fruit, salad, more baguette. The camembert and Roquefort I managed to eat. Two big slices of hard cheese went in a napkin then into my pocket.

Champagne, then a very pleasant Cinsault. It was quite a check, but I had eaten for two. And a jazz quartet tootling away.

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3 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

@The FlonThis was definitely an occasion I would have gone to The Grange. What a massive loss to the neighborhood.

The bar manager from The Grange has landed at Analogue in the West Village. While the Grange's cocktail program wasn't my main reason to visit Danielle's hospitality was always top notch. They did have terrific beer on tap, though. And could mix a classic cocktail flawlessly.

I miss The Grange all the time.

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