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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Uhh, those are oysters.. rolleyes.gif


I can see polenta down in the middle, where the parsley is sticking out of.


Yeah, the polenta is buried. I think these ingredients (from Union Sq.) are as good as can be had anywhere.


If those are Blue Moon scallops, agree 100%. I can't eat scallops in a restaurant any more; I've been spoiled. Got some wonderful clams a few weeks ago, too.


And all the corn I've gotten this year has been delicious. Not always supersweet, but that's fine; it's always been CORN!!!!!!


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Yesterday was Pura Vida seafood, and their oysters and scallops are great also...can't order scallops in a restaurant after these.


Agree about the corn; I don't buy bicolor anymore, as it tends to be too sweet, but the yellow and white corns this year have been fantastic. Must've been prefect growing conditions for these farmers.

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So still playing around with stuffing things... Last night I took a whole chicken and deboned the breast.I then flattened out the breast keeping the skin intact and placed a stuffing of pancetta, mushrooms,,onions, herbs and wine.. Rolled and tied the breast. Pan seared and then baked for 20 minutes.. While I did that fancy thing to the breast, i kept the thigh and drumstick attached to one another and just pan seared and crisped up in the oven.. Made a pan sauce with chicken stock, shallots, lemon.


I felt like this was the best of both worlds.. Where as a good chicken thigh is hard to be improved, the breast, where normally unexciting, becomes rather interesting. It has a crunchy skin shell and the meat becomes super moist when it is rolled up like that.. Not that my chicken breast is usually dry but, i may like it better this way.. not to mention the convenience of eating. Here there are no bones in the breast and you can just pick up the drumstick and thigh with your hands if you like..


Presentation is also really pretty.. II watched my time on the deboning of the breast, it was less than 4 minutes.


I was at my butcher in Brooklyn the other day.. He gave me a free bag of potatoes that had a few rotten in them.. I went home and separated out the rotten ones.. I par boiled, took the skin off, then roasted in chicken fat.. they became crispy on the outside and mashed on the inside.


A simple salad.


we shared this plate...



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sardines escabeche and spinach ravioli filled with veal, duck liver, onion, sage, wine and parmesan served in a butter & sage sauce.


Not sure what I'm doing on this thread, yet here I am and I noticed the above. As one of the couple (yes, it was Ginny as the other half) sitting on the other side of the kitchen table eating the above, I gotta say that both of those dishes were excellent. Really excellent. Destination food excellent. And I'm not just saying that to get invited back.

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