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Made a Catalan dish yesterday with an interesting technique:


--Fry garlic, slivered/blanched almonds, and bread crumbs in olive oil

--Add cooked chickpeas, saffron threads bloomed in hot water, and enough chicken broth to cover everything

--Bring to boil, cover pot and simmer for 20 minutes

--After that, take off the lid, add salt and pepper (and a dash of Spanish paprika) and turn the heat up so that the rest of the liquid evaporates and everything starts to fry again


The thickness of the dressing was intriguing, and I liked the taste a lot.  It's plain on its own; the cookbook recommended serving it with grilled oysters, jamon serrano, or chorizo, but due to lack of good shopping around here we went with prosciutto and some good tinned cod from Portugal.

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It's finally the time of year when most of what we eat is coming from the greenmarket so:



Roasted salmon

Beet green and chard fritters

green and wax beans

strawberries for dessert

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I don’t know what the hell I made but the family enjoyed it. I put mustard seeds in a pan with hot oil, then I added diced onion, ginger, garlic, salt, tomato paste, a whole diced tomato, water, Orange Lentils, cayenne, cumin, curry powder, xoaxing cooking wine, sugar, salt, balsamic, soy, lemon, a shot of sriracha, sweet soy, star anise and a dried Chinese pepper. Cooked fhat for 35 minutes and topped it with steamed spinach. Spinach was steamed with soy, wine, garlic and Sesame oil.


Is this ethnic food? Asking for a friend

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It's summer and I can't be spending much evening time in the kitchen, as the kitchen might as well be a terrarium - facing southwest, it heats up like an MF in the afternoons. So, I put stuff together, and do any main cooking, in the mornings. Then I serve it.




Gazpacho While still waiting for real tomatoes, this was actually quite good using 1/2 canned Muir organic tomatoes and 1/2 peeled and seeded fresh Romas, cucumber, soaked red onion, roasted yellow peppers, roasted jalapeño, Tabasco, garlic salt (!), olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, etc. etc.




Seared red Argentinian shrimp over fresh corn salsa. Corn taken off some sweet fresh ears and pan roasted, roasted jalapeño and serrano, red onion (soaked), lime juice, olive oil, s & p. Alongside some Yukon Gold potato salad.


Plating 102.

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Simple summer meal: rotini with RG Mogette de Vendee beans, prosciutto, grated Parmesan, and garlic, peas, and wax beans from our garden.

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Mrs. P made a delicious creamy fresh sweet NJ corn pasta with fresh homegrown basil. She used farfalle pasta, scallions, red pepper flakes, butter, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, and was topped with fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano. The awesome creamy sauce was made with pureed fresh sweet NJ corn, butter, parmesan, sautéed scallions, and red pepper flakes to give it a nice kick and compliment the sweet corn.



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Get home from a short road trip, raid the fridge and pantry:




Macaroni with sausage (Aidell's chicken artichoke, I think - and it's good), spinach, tomatoes, Parmigiano, etc.

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We had some fresh handmade mozzarella that we had to use up so Mrs. P was just going to make a simple mozzarella, tomato, and basil salad to go with some pork tenderloin. Of course Mrs. P doesn’t do anything simple :) So what started out as a simple salad turned into a delicious main course of roast pork tenderloin (with a Cajun dry rub) salad, with arugula, mozzarella, avocado, radishes, sautéed red onions, cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers, fresh homegrown basil, celery, and reduced balsamic syrup. The 1st picture is Mrs. P’s work of art and the 2nd picture is with the roast pork tenderloin that I randomly threw on top at the last minute.



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my phone's camera broke and well, my life has been uprooted since then..  So, it has been difficult to document my meals and such... But, I have not been doing much cooking but, here are some meals.. 


Actually, not photographed.. Jax man has a friend next door, they love each other and the parents are really cool.. So, on the way to the park with a gin road soda, jax stops by and pops his head into the neighbors house... We are invited in and she is defrosting scallops.. She doesn't know how so, I help her defrost them in cold running water.. She then says, well, you might as well stay but, I was heading somewhere.. The kids are still playing and she opens a wine.. Alicia goes home to get pasta and garlic and dill and next thing you know.. I have been volunteered to cook dinner for the 6 of us.. 


Husband walks through the door and I am plating scallop pasta with a dill, garlic, wine sauce... It was actually pretty good and the whole foods frozen scallops are not as terrible as one might guess.. 



Other than that: 


Was up in the country and made a pantry pasta.. Sardines, capers, tomatoes, and some herbs from the garden..  I put the sardines in after the heat was off... 








made some burgers: 






made a corn and blueberry salad with leeks and herbs. would have been great with burrata or lobster and burrata or a whole host of things, ricotta, cottage cheese, jalapenos.. later made the same thing with arugula 





Also upstate there were essentially sweet onions, blueberries, leeks, cabbage and a few other things.. i made cabbage and leeks with mustard and cider that went with bbq'd ribs that was pretty awesome... 


grilled bread rubbed with garlic, tomato and either anchovies or sardines... 






grilled a steak that we purchased from a vending machine which was pretty cool.. 60 day dry aged ribeye. 






Same neighbor came back with truffles from Chile.. I made a homemade noodle and served with butter and truffles that was really good.. finished with a grilled snapper.. 

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Clam and chive risotto with grilled and smoked branzino and spinach. Basically make a clam risotto, tossed in Marsala wine as it was all I had left. Finished with chives,

Clams and then parm. No butter in it


On the green egg, threw down 2 branzino and grilled/smoked for a bit. The branzino takes to smoke so well, it’s like a different fish once it picks it up. Could be a favorite

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Speck and this amazing melon:


It was put out at lunch and was eaten by sundown cocktails:









Cheese plate:




Alicia has taken to leaving the Harbison Cheese out for at least a day, often two.... 









Smoked chicken... i like it really low and very smoky.. The marinade was hoison, soy, chinese wine, cilantro, garlic.  I used White Claw cans as I purchased them as a lark and then became stuck with about a 12 pack.. I do not believe the contents of whatever can you use to make beer can chicken imparts any flavor.  I have usually have a vertical roaster at home but, when cooking for 12 people, shit gets a little sloppy..    It worked, my chicken is fantastic. 



I quarter the chicken and grill them to a crispy skin


Corn salad:  The corn is so good this year A little Meredith farm dairy feta for good measure 


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made a couple of dinners these last few nights.. I have been cooking a lot lately and it's been really rewarding.. 


These baby finger eggplants.. I cooked with some peppers, onion, garlic and tomatoes.. Stewed down, added currants, sugar, vinegar, capers.  Served over fresh corn with polenta.  a cup of polenta with a whole corns worth of kernels tossed into a finished polenta with 2 tablespoons of butter and a punch of salt.  It's so good, this corn is so good.. I eat it raw over the sink


most likely will use the rest of the eggplant in a chicken or on top of a fish..




I buy chicken breast for Jax and it's a quick dinner.. I can do lots of things with it.. He loves chicken parm, chicken fingers, breaded chicken cutlet, it's so easy... Last night he requested chicken and pasta and wanted them to taste differently.. I have been playing with breading.. This time, i did a flour and egg and then cook in a pan.. i like this version.. i made a traditional marsala sauce with garlic and all but, then strained it out before added the butter.. 




Pasta with a simple tomato sauce with olive oil and this beautiful garlic... flavored with basil but, no basil to be found.. 





He ate everything and decided midway through he wanted to use chopsticks for the spaghetti.. mom wasn't home and it was a nice lead into the bath.  Sort of like an island picnic. but it's exciting.. he was an adventurous eater, then we fell into a routine of the path of least resistance but, he starting to be aware of things outside of dessert. 





If you haven't tried this new Thai Hot Sauce I suggest you do.. It's thai hot peppers, fish sauce and lime juice and it's as good or better than if you made it yourself.. it's a good seller at the shop.. So, they dropped off a new flavor and wanted me to try it.. no fish sauce, more soy sauce and a lot of ginger.. I made myself a quick dinner.. I tasted the marinade and felt like it would pair well with peanut butter.. I added that with steamed noodles, (above left over) smoked chicken and spinach.. whizzed the peanut butter and marinade and it was really good




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pickled some peppers last night.. in water, garlic, bay, vinegar, sugar, pepper and parsley.  






Very excited to make pork chops with vinegar peppers and rhode island style calamari. 


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