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The night before I defrosted some lobster stock for a lobster dish.. I was going to make a Lobster Pasta of some sort with a lobster cream sauce or maybe make lobster ravioli but, our gas was shut off.. It was kind of touch and go yesteday whether or not the gas would be turned off.. So, i didn't want to purchase lobster if the pasta was a no go.. I purchased bronzino for a bbq.. But, then the rain happened, the mosquitos came out yesterday with vengeance and well, the gas came back on... Are you following all of this? 


'Anyway, bronzino with garlic and tarragon in the slits.. covered in salt and olive oil.. simply grilled on the plancha:








risotto was lobster stock and the broth from the reconstituted shitake mushrooms.. they were beautiful musrhooms.. we sell them at meks and when they finally were hydrated, they were like perfect little mushrooms.. i tossed them into the risotto towards the end. 


I make a mean stock, it was super lobstery.. 




cooked in a broth of tomato paste, wine, garlic, onion and i threw in some pickled peppers and the juice.. 





served the fish with some pickled peppers too.. why not, they are great.. and also some miso squash.. Jax had a friend over and the two of them split the fish, ate the risotto and also had some squash... I figured the greens were a bit too much.. 


All were happy 


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Made a very fast and delicious pasta the other night.... It was super quick, maybe 25 minutes or so..




I boiled water, as it was starting to boil, i put the x'd heirlooms into the water for a minute in order to peel the skin... Crushed with my poor burnt hand and then added the tomatoes to a pan that had many slices of garlic cooking in oil.. salt, then a brief hit of wine.. that broke down.. In a separate pan i put garlic and quarter soft shell crabs that were dipped in flour.. I then added the crab to the tomatoes, added a bunch of basil and a large amount of chile pepper... then the pasta.. 

Because I  cooked it on 9-11 which somehow worked out to be the coordinates for Trapini italy, i wanted t make pesto trapanese.. But, alicia didn't feel like it so, i wanted to keep the idea of a bright tomato sauce but, added soft shell crab,,. the tomato was slightly cooked but, still very fresh.. and another thing about the pesto trapanese is the amount of basil so, it was there as well.. I had a bag of smoked almonds in my briefcase but, i was also making Jax dinner and that extra step would have over cooked the sauce or done something to Jax's dinner.. but, i like the idea of adding almonds, traditionally blanched but, smoked would have been fun and what I had on hand. 



Galricky and bright and aromatic from the basil... I had it cold the next day and it was really lovely as well.. 




so delicious. 



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I have been saving shrimp shells for the last 6 months in my freezer.. I am sure I didn't save every time but, enough to get a few pounds.. 





carrot, onion and bay, a little hit of tomato paste and then a tomato I had laying around.., A little guy... Boiled that down for close to 5 hours.. 






a lobster shell may have snuck in there:




Not a bad yield.



I was thinking of making a fish soup and then making that spicy mayo that goes with it but, i didn't have so many of the ingredients.. So, i decided t make a basil aioli. Which, I was going to serve with bacon wrapped trout but, i was too lazy to walk to the fish store.. With that I made a roast beef sandwich with that, it was delicious... Then the following day, I made Jax chicken and rice and topped my rice with the mayo.. It was so good.. 


Made in the mortar;





with a homemade pickled pepper:  prick the pepper, sprinkle the vinegar over the rice and then cut up the pepper. 




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i was trying to remember the delicious Bang Island mussels we ate at Scales in Maine.. I already forgot most of the things.. Alicia promised me there was ham in the mussels so, I added some... It was delicious.. But, my old Portuguese Fish Monger closed, well, i guess he was bought out by this new guy, he is Dominican.. He kept most of the staff.  THe place is even better now.. I know for certain he buys better quality fish and, has put up glass protectors and the layout is much better. 


Anyway, 4 pounds of mussels.. I steamed with wine, shallots and onions... When they opened, i put them on the half shell... I was cooking for friends and well, we had time as I was smoking chicken. 


These mussels are bigger, had beards and barnacles and were much more meaty:




I added chopped bacon to a pan, then the leftover broth, then I added creme fraiche and dijon mustard.. that freaking easy. 







smoken chicken.. I did a soy, garlic, butter rub under the skin and over the skin.. smoked and then grilled and then added hot peppers:


my thermometer is broken so, i am  guessing like 180 for 2.5 hours and then grill




Perfectly charred broccoli with pickled parsley and peppers and some merideth farm feta.. so delicious... 




salad with avocado and pickled onions.. 



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N combined two recipes from Jerusalem: one for a mixture of basmati and wild rice with chickpeas, onions, herbs, and currants and one for stuffed eggplant with ground lamb.  (Wild rice and chickpeas were from RG.)  The eggplants from our garden were too small to stuff, so she roasted them and then put them in a sauce with the lamb, pine nuts, garlic, and tamarind paste.  Great combo, but the rice component is enough to feed an army.  Once the lamb sauce part is finished, my plan is to pick up some kebabs and have that with the remaining rice.

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Quick simple dinner for one.. The boy had eaten as well as the Mrs.. I had a whole snapper and some clams but, will save that for tonight.. So, i had some leftover smoked chicken, some bacon from the farmers market, some spinach, basil and clear noodles.. 


Cooked the noodles quickly and put in a pot with some sesame oil to separate.. Used the hot water from the boiled noodles to soften the wrapper..  I just liked the idea of using bacon.. Really just scraps from the fridge, picking out the non melting pieces of spinach.. One could even wrap these suckers in bacon..  


a little ginger scallion sauce from Great NY Noodletown.





No great feat outside of feeding myself with leftovers in 20 minutes...





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A trip to the farmers market in Fort Greene Park had me purchase more fish than anything.. I have never really stopped by the fish guy as I don't like to pay retail for fish and why at a farmers market?  But, anyway, it's an excellent fish guy.. he handed me a raw scallop which I ate and well, that sealed the deal... I ended up getting over a pound of scallops and 1.5 lbs of blowfish  tails of all things... 


From the market I just cut corn onto the plate and then flicked the corn mush off my knife.  I added salt, olive oil, this delicious pork bacon from the market, some basil and those incredible scallops.. So fresh and delicious..  Oh and apple jam.. Kind of tied the fall and summer together. 


Not bad. 





I was purchasing some kale and things when I noticed everyone was asking the farmer guy to cut of their carrot tops.. He was throwing them in this card board box.. I asked for some with my purchase.. He was more than happy to stuff two handfuls into the bag...  He was also selling garlic and these beautiful potatoes.. So, it's normal now to pay 2 bucks for a head of garlic?  He has the old weathered face that glows.. Jax once walked up to him and told him that he liked his face.. They are buddies, he charges me 2 bucks for a head of garlic.. 


Made a carrot top pesto with no nuts.  Added that to boiled and then smashed and lightly pan fried potatoes. 


I am a potato guy... these were beautiful and the pesto was lovely. had some lemon and a little fancy vinegar and some fancy garlic. 





last night we ate the rest of the scallops and I made the blowfish tails cooked with some  garlic, oil and wine..then topped with some of the remaining pesto

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I think $2 a head for garlic is pushing it, but I've paid $1.50 for some very nice, organic Rocambole.


A CSO steam roasted chicken. Quattro Farms, under 2 lbs. 




These gorgeous mushrooms...




Simply pan roasted till browned and crispy. Potato salad. House pickles. 



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We discovered that the local Indian market* has a lot of NZ lamb in various cuts, as well as locally sourced goat, at reasonable prices.  We got a pack of 6 bone-in lamb chops for about $22, and each chop is enough for 2 portions.  N grilled a couple of them over wood yesterday with Greek seasonings, and made crispy potatoes and okra on the side.  Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale (seasonal) to drink.



*Fun fact: the Fijian population around here is such that the market has many products from Fiji.  Not something you see in NYC.

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