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I bought sardines at Wegmans the other day, actually three days ago but, yesterday it was 2 days ago... Last night I wanted to make pasta with sardines, i was actually thinking of doing a gnocchi something.. But, i literally have been in a garlic hole the last two days.. I feel like i was over exposed.. so, I made Jax chicken and rice and I didn;t eat at all yesterday..  I wanted to make sure the sardines didn't go bad so, I fileted and salted.. Just a little sugar, a lot of salt.. I will most likely let it sit until friday or saturday morning in the salt before adding some citrus.. Whatever is in the house but, like lime, orange, lemon.. 





This is not rocket science.. Dead animal + salt 





It almost all fit except for that last little guy and it also was marked with me running out of salt.. Had to finish off with some fancy salt. 




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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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I am 48 hours in to a 72 hour fermented pizza dough.. Pretty excited..  I was thinking for some reason of uncommon pizzas.. I am at dal with lamb sausage and a riata, maybe some queso fresco and cilantro.. But, who knows, hopefully i will even by home tomorrow night to eat it.. I have house guests and am brokering a deal with my family to come home for the first time in a couple of years... Who knows... Tomorrow is multi cultural day at my sons school and am most likely making mamey shakes.. 

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Around here, Dungeness crab is part of the fare for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the local Costcos were having a sale of whole cooked crab* for $8.99/pound.  We got one for $11 and change and extracted the meat, then N cooked it in a Thai-inspired sauce of coconut milk, peas, and homegrown pea shoots, garlic, lemongrass, and lime leaves.  Served over jasmine rice; ACE blood orange cider to drink.



*From the Pacific NW and not local, alas.  The commercial Dungeness season start here has been pushed back to December 15 due to concerns about interfering with whale migration patterns.  At least it's not another full-fledged domoic acid outbreak.

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Around here, coffee is part of the fare for morning, and you have me reading about crabbing where Costco might be getting them far from you.




Do you do make stock with shells? My lobster stock is hit or miss, usually miss.

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i did a 72 hour fermented pizza dough... From there, i made a chicken roll with ricotta and mozarella, I made a pizza with tomato sauce, ricotta, mozarella and house cured sardines and I made a pepperoni pizza. The dough was beautiful.. despite the 72 hour moniker, i maybe spent 20 minutes on the entire process.  It was so soft and workable.. My pizza skills suck as I limited experience but, jax loves to help and well, the fermented flavor was delicious.. I love this dough, I made a few extra chicken rolls and froze.  I used ka bread flour. 











So, if I am going to keep the oven on for an hour at 500, I used the opportunity to season some of my cast iron, like this dope flat vintage pan I bought... 









I hate the spider veins the cast iron has, i tried to fix. 








My sauce, i wanted to keep it fresh in the traditional sense but, i also wanted to try something new.. So, i heat up a bunch of oil and roasted garlic in the oil.. i then added the cold crushed tomatoes to the hot oil and killed the heat and mixed.. then threw in basil and salt.. it was delicious. 







While I have certainly had better pizza, the chicken roll is as good if not better than anywhere I have had it. 

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Wow, that Pizza looks awesome.  Tres artisanal!  Jax will eat that w the anchovies? Damn, his palette is ballin!  We heated a frozen pie - chicken alfredo w caramelized onions from Signature Kitchen (an Acme store brand).  I jazzed it up w carefully sliced tomatoes and chopped brok raab (prev blanched). Was pretty good, no worse than our shitty pizza places. 


While that was baking, I made a deer heart pate for TG (organ courtesy my neighbor, an expert archer. The arrow actually sliced through the side so that was disturbing for a min).  I loosely followed a standard pate recipe w sauteed chopped onion, cpl tbls of butter, s & extra p, a bit of all spice, fresh sage and rosemary (from my garden - those plants are still kicking ass!) then after cutting away fat, ventricles and coagulated blood, sliced 1/2" cubes and sauteed for aprx 3mins (as soon as I saw blood rising off the cubes i pulled the pan).  I took out the rosemary sprigs (left the sage), added more butter and 1/3 cup of vsop and processed til smooth. Came out pretty good, not as gamey as I would've liked. I'll give it to my wife's family and not tell them what it is until after they've tried it.  I love the look when someone's enjoyed something until they know what it is.  They'll be pissed for a while but eventually thankful for the good story they can share for years to come.  Happy TG! 

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Sounds awesome EMW. Hope you have a great day. Last night I took my then 96 hour dough to meks. I rolled the meats from our ITALIAN sandwich with the dough. I rolled it like jelly roll with mozzarella too. Baked at 450 as that’s where the convection was set to. I then toasted in the salamander. It was delicious.


Also did a porchetta, broccoli rabe, ricotta and mozarella. I did that like a pocket. Again, delicious. Anything with our tomato sauce is kind of a cheat anyway.


I think I’m better at making rolls than pies. Not to mention, so much more portable, reheatable, storable and less temperamental. Right now it’s an easy win but, I want to develop my pizza shaping skills


Outside of forgetting I put the sizzle pan in the oven 20 minutes before I decided to rotate it with my hands and burn a few fingers, a success

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When planning a revolution and toppling an impostor, it is essential to know thyself and to know the opposition ... that is the basics of Master Sun's The Art of War ... but there is much more in store in order to succeed as any true warrior knows


Victory goes to the prepared ... and preparation must start well in advance ... months, if not (light)years, in advance and far away ... and they always do chez Chambo !


It's called Shaping the Battlefield and it must start from the get go ... if done correctly and with wisdom the war is won before it is even started ... pay close attention ... for that's what Chambo's doing here in order to undertake the revolution foretold in the final words of this significant post


I'll also note that in order to topple an established order, it is best to be a God (just ask Zeus) or to have the right Gods on your side (consider the Trojan War) ... in fact, having / being both is best and as fate shall have it, Chambo is so blessed


We take you back to Tokyo ... the evening of October 4 to be exact ... too late for a real meal ... but had already eaten and drank a bunch of nibbles and liquids ... hence something simple, quick yet good was in order ... those paying close attention shall note one friendly hurdle that Chambo cannot seem to overcome with a great foreign Goddess ... that is, improving her English ... after years and years of trying and discussing and giving examples and examples and elaborating on the exceptions etc, Chambo now simply gives Goddess the good words and goes forward into the night ... 


And when I told you previously that the powerful Princess-Tigress-Goddess's Gresca dinner was semi-disastrous because she is so adventurous when eating and she'll snarf down just about anything, I bet some of you were skeptical ... to the skeptics, pay close atttention !


Finally I shall also note that what was communicated to me as pork tongue was pork but not tongue ...


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