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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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25 minutes ago, voyager said:

It's funny, or more accurately weird, that during the several times I've given up eating meat, resulting in an actual aversion to meat, I've sought out and thoroughly enjoyed offal.

I have not eaten any mammals or birds (except by accident) since 1981. And the ONLY thing I miss is chicken liver. Not enough to actually consume it, 'cause monkfish liver is good enough. But it's not the same.

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I never had the chance to fuck up chicken liver, since in 1981 I didn't know how to cook very many things. My repertoire was pretty much steamed artichokes with blender hollandaise, chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti, French toast, and the chicken cacciatore from Seventeen Magazine's "Now You're Cooking" column.

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10 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Spleen at St. John was my first "I'm going to need to order something else"

Spleen on a bun in Florence was my first (though it might've been lungs).

And Significant Eater's was the tete d'veau at an unnamed bistro in Paris. It was a little too wobbly and staring at her.

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On 10/31/2020 at 5:40 AM, voyager said:

If you want to substantially change the texture and flavor of a soup, use BUTTER.

egg, cornstarch, potato, bread, beans and flour all work too! Add copious amounts of cream help.   I made a yucca soup last night, or attempted to, and well, i think i discovered a new recipe for vegan cheese sauce... It had the consistency of those gas station pump cheeses.  

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One thing that has been interesting is, I have been messing up a lot more lately.  I stopped making real mistakes while I was cooking regular food but, as I enter into the vegan world, I am screwing up.. Blindly going in to make things and learning but, screwing up... 

For instance, I have been playing with the amount of chickpeas I put into my seitan.. Not just the flour but, smashed chickpeas.. I found the more you put in, the softer and spongy the seitan gets.. So, if want to make a hard texture, no chickpeas and more flour, if I want to make something spongy that would fry up like a nugget or a patty, i should increase the smashed chickpea.  Also, of some reason, I keep forgetting to buy kosher salt.. And we have a large thing of table salt but, it's annoying and I don't know why I am purposely denying myself but, I am..  

This is the spongy sietan.. While it was great for a nugget, it did not come out great for the intended purposes. So, anyway, lesson learned.  This was 2 cups Vital Wheat Gluten, 1/3 cup chickpea flour, 1 cup smashed chickpeas.  I might add an extra half a cup next time to see how this would fry up. 


this is my failed yuca soup but, pretty decent fake cheese:


This was the intended purpose of the yuca.Recipe testing cold yuca with a sour orange mojo. 


Anyway, i bought bamboo the other day.. In like every form it comes in.  I am thining about using bamboo as the sort of corn beef in a rueben.  Take the bamboo and marinate it in pickle juice and a few other things to give it the same flavoring of a corned beef.. I have a great thousand island dressing I made and have started making my own sourkraut.  Figured it would be great on a marble rye or pumpernickel.. I wonder if kids these days know about pumpernickel.. And some fake swiss of some sort.  But, i digress. 

Was doing a texture test yesterday and had all of this bamboo.. This was delicious. Then got me thinking, can you do a vegan version of the husband and wife.. This kind of does a great job mimicking the lungs.  


This could be on the menu tomorrow, it was so  good.. Maybe it will be.  i added a little mizuna that I had 



Last night made spaghetti with these beautiful little imported tomatoes, a lot of garlic, wine and hot pepper.. Some breadcrumbs at the end.. This was delicious. 


My neighbor made a digger cake:


yesterday I went to my coffee shop around the corner from our house... I asked for a bacon egg and cheese and a bagel without the lox... I received a bagel with extra lox and this eggplant torta.




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