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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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In all seriousness, i think we have an excellent recipe at the place now.. We use on our nachos.. But, that uses carrots, potatoes, beans, raw cashew  , a shot of soy cream cheese all to get that similar consistency that blending up some cooked yuca did... So, now in order to cut cost,  help out the soy allergic folks, not to mention, stay on the Cuban theme, if I could replicate the same dish using cheap old yuca, it would be so many less steps, cheaper and cool to call it like a yuca cheese sauce.  


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In the middle of Covid, or i guess the beginning, we received many pallets of tomatoes.. I built a huge maybe,3  10 foot pyramids of canned tomatoes.. Well, we didn't rotate properly and these are the expired.. Still good but, expired.. So, we gave out to the staff, used some in the kitchen and the rest went to my house... 


Started with 4 cloves of garlic sliced.. gently heated in the olive oil, then turned up the heat added red onion, carrots, wine, basil, crushed red pepper and some paper thin jalapeno.  Blended, served with bread crumbs and raw jalapeno on top. 


Served with a salad of frisee,mizuna, butter and mustard.. dressing was vegan mayo, olive oil, sherry vinegar, mustard, red onion, black pepper and salt.  Through some homemade bread crumbs into the salad as well. 

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Tomato and soft tofu marinated in dashi. My balcony tomatoes and chives are still at it, so I wanted to honor them.


Linguine with salmon roe and shrimp. This looks pretty attractive, but it was actually not that good. At least the way I made it, which was with less butter (it's an Emeril Lagasse recipe) and no cheese. It's a dish that depends on keeping a lot of separate components warm before mixing them all together, and my kitchen is really not set up for that. Or I'm just not good at it, one or the other. The searing/baking of the shrimp worked very well, though.


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10 hours ago, small h said:

My three plants are still producing: a bloody butcher (pictured), a black krim and a sungold. They took August off, so they kind of owe me November.

I purchased a few lights and brought some plants in from the back.. I am exciting to see if I can get these transplanted tomato vines back up. 

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10 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I still see tomatoes at reliable stands in the Greenmarket, and I think, that can't be.  But I guess it can.

And yet no one had green ones at the Columbus Ave market on sunday. (I haven't had any fried green tomatoes this season and I NEED them at least once)

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Here’s my issue @Daniel you sell meat. You sell meat sandwiches. You cannot lecture me or anyone else about eating meat while you sell it. It’s disingenuous. You’ve bought and posted entire hogs and sides of beef and I appreciate that. I do not appreciate your assumption that I feel guilty about eating meat. Do you share your views as you have here  with your customers?  

Some of us like meat. We don’t feel badly about it. Most of us have other life issues demanding our time. Even if that wasn’t the case, I like to buy seafood and meat from locaL fisherpeople and local butchers. I do so because I want small businesses to succeed. 

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