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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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While I wasn't out of wasabi...


My gari game was non-existent last night. That's two types of wild Alaskan salmon (coho and sockeye), some shrimp and ikura.  And rather than using the cool Japanese packaged chirashi mix, made my own sushi rice instead, with classic rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

Earlier this week...


Right before adding final saucing, which cooked these wild gulf shrimp to deliciousness. Farmer's market broccoli. So much garlic, @Sneakeater would've loved this. Also, who knew two little bitty Thai chilis would be so damn hot, even with the seeds removed!


Half an "heirloom" Cooks Venture bird (via Fresh Direct). Cooked in the Cuisinart - this one happened to come out very tasty, with some good chicken flavor and texture. I think cooking a half bird works better in the CSO. It smelled and looked so good that


I had to burn my fingers and tongue tasting the wing.

I cut that little slit in the drumstick and thigh in order to get those cooking in about the same amount of time as the breast. Worked well.


Slaw, too.

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Mrs. P prepared another awesome dinner with enough leftovers for another dinner. She made deep fried soft shell crabs and avocados; figs stuffed with blue cheese and pine nuts in a balsamic reduction; roasted delicata squash; asparagus, and a delicious sauce consisting of homegrown herbs, capers, and vermouth, to go with the crab and asparagus. It all went great with a nice Spanish Garnacha.











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A few recent meals...the red and green dinner:


Beet and yogurt soup with dill. Chilled.


Linguini al pesto.


Pork chop (after Significant Eater's share has been sliced off), braised with aromatics and stock, vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire and everything else I'm forgetting, over Carolina gold rice. Steam oven corn with chili and lime. Marcella beans.


Sorta Pad Thai, which flavor wise came out great. Ingredients might not be considered classic, with the mushrooms in there.

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It's been a very good year for balcony chard and parsley (and a less good year for tomatoes, thus far). So, shrimp with chard, and corn salad with snap peas, parsley and tomato.



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Mrs. P made an awesome very spicy Asian fruit salad from Top Chef contestant Gregory Gourdet. It contained galangal, red thai chili, and lemongrass among other exotic ingredients. She also made a refreshing corn salad to go with the main course of fork tender Cajun dry rubbed country ribs. Below is a link to the recipe. She just doubled the sugar. It all went great with a 2012 French Malbec.









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Friday turned out to be the only dry day of the weekend, so it was lucky that we decided to do our grilling then. Our last Airbnb renters left us a bottle of teriyaki sauce, which I used on the broccoli and the (from the garden!) bok choy and snap peas. I also grilled my own Impossible burger for the first time - Trader Joe's recently started carrying the "meat" for a very reasonable price - and felt like a RealAmerican™.



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Yesterday, N and I helped a friend glean the first apple crop of the season from under her enormous apple tree.  In addition to making applesauce, apple and blackberry jelly, and apple wine, N made a very autumnal dish for an 80-degree day: a stew of pork butt, Savoy cabbage, and apples, along with vinegar, coriander seeds, and other seasonings.  Mashed sweet potatoes on the side, and a starter salad of grilled peaches over frisee and pickled onions. 

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This week's theme is apparently sandwich/salad, 'cause it's hot. Tuna on semolina bread. First time I've made that bread, and it needs some work. The recipe had semolina flour and cornmeal, sugar, butter, etc., and as a result it was too corn bread-y and not Italian bread-y enough. Also a napa cabbage wedge salad, which was very nice.


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