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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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I finally butchered the Halloween Cinderella pumpkin.    Since chunks of this pumpkin are eagerly sought at our organic farmer's market and since I try to utilize good product, I was hesitant to jettison it,    Husband's mantra is "Don't send good money after bad."   So we negotiated and I promised to pursue it only so far.   

After his axing it into halves, and my paring a quarter, we have two quarts 2" cubes in the freezer.    I baked another quarter and pureed the pulp -> 2 pints of puree, one in freezer.

So the meal = Sage accented Calabrian sausage and pumpkin pasta.    Surprisingly, a keeper!



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If anyone is wondering how to make me a customer for life, it's as simple as selling me 14 clams for the price of 12, and that price is $7. Thanks, American Seafood! Some of them ended up half-shelled.


And the rest ended up in this fra diavolo (although it's really more of a puttanesca) with some shrimp and leftover fish from last night's sashimi. Over tofu shirataki, 'cause I'm still trying to make this keto thing work, and it just isn't.


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Roast chicken, with no apparent carving skills (though I assure you, I have some). Vegetables roasted with the bird. 

Confession that some of the skin got eaten in the kitchen during the carving episode. Endive salad to start and broccoli alongside.

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Sarson ka saag. Is what happens when you google “broccoli rabe Indian style” because that’s what you a) have and b) are in the mood for. I see why people buy this stuff pre-made! Took forever. I didn’t have paneer, so I threw some smoked tofu in there. I took some liberties - butter instead of ghee, for example, and no garam masala to finish (I just threw in a little cinnamon). But I was not displeased. It's also a way to eat an awful lot of greens at one sitting. I feel very vitamin-ed up, now.


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margherita pizza; broccolini with garlic, peppers and olive oil…from beretta (1199 valencia (23rd)) in the mission district.

this was similar to domino’s pizza but with a fresher-tasting sauce and the crust was not as “cardboardy”. eh. the broccolini was a strange mix of soft and crisp-tender.

not every meal can be a winner. 😬



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Two orphaned "pink" tomatoes at today's market called my name.    Ersatz fried green tomatoes.

Grilled yogurt marinated chicken breast.   Said tomatoes and, why not, fried kosher dill pickles.  Never had these before but these were revelatory.    Remolade.   These fried pickles have legs.   


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