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Of course this looks like last night because it’s part two of the roast, but this sauce has mustard not apricot and it’s not my fault those two things are the same color.

Part three tomorrow will be structurally different. 



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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Artichoke lasagne for Dummies.    I made this recipe from Marcella's book decades ago.    A lot of work, which you'll recognize if you've worked with several pounds of baby artichokes.     Add hassle of making homemade fresh lasagne noodles.   

Enter jarred artichoke bruschetta (incorporated into bechemel) and pre-cooked no boil laagne.



Husband had thirds.   

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For those following avidly, the final installment of the pork roast was chopped for tacos. But also, and never, before, I sautéed the radish greens for a garnish. Trimmed the stalks (easy) and splashed them with a pomegranate balsamic to offset bitterness.



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A nice, light summer dinner. Prepared when the temperature of the window shade next to my sink read...


So, why not...


Pork (neck) and Hatch green chili stew, with potatoes and beans.  And might as well...


Steam some corn.

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Mrs. P made pulled duck leg confit salad with various fresh fruit, ginger, radishes, mini peppers, mini cucumbers, arugula, sautéed red onions, topped with hoisin sauce and shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese (not pictured). It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.




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Well, purslane.   What did you expect?     With chicken breast (also suggested along with pork), green sauce.  



I thought it was excellent; husband dubbed it an interesting experiment.    Shouldn't have been a surprise as he dislikes tart.   

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The other night, a friend and I combined forces in order to come up with an assorted steak dinner - and only one of the 3 steaks was a little ruined. The trick was to cook the steaks indoors, without getting the kitchen (and therefore the cooks) too fucking hot. (In my mind, really what sous vide and instant pot are great for - keeping the cook in the kitchen, for as short a time as possible, without mucking up the food too much.)

I had a thick, if fatty, rib eye to deal with: 


So to sous vide that, I wanted to get rid of the large chunks of kinda hard fat. Which I did thusly:


Trimmed, rolled with the cap outside, tied. Then:


Bagged.  We didn't think this rib eye (now around a pound) plus a thin, thin wagyu rib eye would be enough meat, so a nice, aged strip was procured at Ends Meats. That was bagged for sous vide as well. Both steaks went into a 55℃ bath until they were ready to be slammed in a cast iron pan. Which happened to the wagyu as well, not necessarily to its benefit, as 15 seconds on one side would probably have been plenty (actually, slices hit with a blow torch might've been better - next time).


That's the strip on top, the rib eye (after a little more cast iron time) on the bottom, the cap on the upper right (mostly for the cooks), and the wagyu on the left - basically crispy, beefy fat.

All in all, not a bad dinner - the steaks easily as tasty as one might get dining out, at about 1/4 the cost. The little bit of leftovers should make a nice fried rice. Or something.

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stufato di verdure

torta di ricotta e limone.

the cake has been on my list for a while. unfortunately hubby is determined to lose weight so he won’t he having any. his problem is snacking which i can’t help with. olive oil replaces butter in this super moist, not very sweet cake and i’m looking forward to having a huge slice for breakfast in a few hours. cake is one of the major food groups, didn’t you know that?




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A big salad of some stuff I grew (peas, lettuce, cukes) and some stuff I didn't. With hardboiled egg and roasted bass belly, which is very good! And a sage vinaigrette, because I'm trying to do something with this sage that I forgot why I planted.


And roasted avocado squash, which didn't really roast, it steamed. So, there's a good lesson: don't try to roast a squash with a high water content.


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11 minutes ago, voyager said:

Learning about summer squash from a New Yorker!

And one who doesn't even like squash very much! It tastes like yellow squash. And looks vaguely avocado-ish.

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