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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Browned a few chicken legs. Thought there wasn't enough yummy fat in the bottom of the pot so added a few chopped slices of prosciutto. A diced shallot and some thyme. A splash of red wine. Then glugged in some chicken broth and a cup of rice, a handful of prunes and a another of apricots. Let the whole thing burble while Jack peed on me; took a bath; dappled pureed banana behind both ears. With a Frog's Leap Zin, quite delish.

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Thank you Cathy for the photos :)


Last night: pennette with leftover ragu and Parmesan. Also had some savarin dough rising in the fridge from the previous day. Baked it in small moulds from which it overflowed liberally but thankfully also detached easily. Soaked the resulting wonky shapes in syrup made of sugar, lemon juice, orange juice and Grand Marnier. Maybe today I'll get around to eating them. Courtesy of Emily Luchetti as are most sweet things produced in my home at the moment.


Drank too much - but not enough to suffer this morning. Blame the bourbon thread.



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Hello all, especially Liza.



Mixed grain (Japanese gohan, Lundberg organic short brown, Korean sticky short brown, barley, wild rice) with sauteed (with shoyu and wasabi) eryngi and sliced button mushrooms.


Shunjuku (chrysanthemum greens) soup with lemon zest and triangles of pillow tofu.


Slices of pickled mango with slices of fresh mango and twists of very hot and sweet preserved ginger.

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In preparation for Passover dinner, Mazal made stock from one of those $17. kosher soup hens. A really good, if unconscionably expensive, broth.


I took the chicken meat, some (individually parboiled) vegetables, and made chicken pot pie risotto. Don't tell any of my Italian friends. Even more unorthodox, Mazal found a piece of cryovac'ed parmigiano that was better than any of the 2 year old wedges off the round from the local specialty shops for half again as much money.


The rest of the chicken will be salad tonight on good German black bread. The broth will take my matzoh balls (fluffy variety; my sole contribution) as the first course of the Festive Meal.

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I've committed to making dessert for Passover and was thinking of individual chocolate pots de creme. No flour but perhaps too indulgent?


Tonight will be bison tenderloins with sweet potato puree. Most likely a fleckering of mashed banana and cat hair on top.

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This isn't one of my menus, just something for me from leftovers and such.


I took some leftover spinach and root vegetable bisque, heated it, added a bit of creme fraiche on top, some chives.


Grilled crostini spread with smoked liverwurst and a spritz from an almost empty lemon half.


Some cold peppered poached mackerel shredded onto a bit of reheated spinach, a lacing of wasabi oil.


Rather nice. Just finished it.

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First you see the meat:


Meatloaf (ground beef, minced onions, tomato paste, home-made sazon, a few breadcrumbs to bind) and more of those delicious smashed fingerlings from Tompkins Square. Followed by Lingot de Quercy and washed down with a 1999 Cornas by Alain Voge.


Now you don't:


Roast baby beets and carrots with olive oil and rosemary; stir-fried tofu and onions with a soy and sugar glaze (NYT recipe from a few days back; salad of Romaine lettuce with tangerine, walnuts and an oil and apple cider (edit: no, you old wino, it was apple vinegar) dressing. Followed by Fournerols (a kind of artisanal Chaumes, apparently) with a bottle of Hendry Zinfandel 2000 as mouthwash.

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A Zuni Café weekend.


On Saturday steak (Niman Ranch rib steak – very good) with bone marrow/porcini/bread sauce (I can’t remember what it’s called). I also added a bit of D’Artagnan black truffle butter which may have been a mistake. Does anyone else find the stuff artificial tasting? Still pretty good, I thought, though y. was skeptical. She doesn’t really like mushrooms, though, so her opinion doesn’t count.


Last night, squab and sausages braised with grapes. (The recipe calls for quail but I had a spare squab in the freezer. As one does.) This was very simple and very good. Cook a couple of cups of black grapes in olive oil for about 20 minutes until quite thick. Brown the birds (or in this case, bird, halved) and sausages. Add grapes and simmer for 10 minutes or so. Add balsamic and salt to taste. I was worried it would be far too sweet but it was delish.

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