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First attempt at replicating Suvir's crispy okra.


I could've fried the okra longer -- some turned out all right, some were a tad chewy. (With heirloom tomatoes, red onion, chaat masala, aamchur, lime juice, cilantro and crushed chiles)

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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Oven-fried flounder

Grilled eggplant glazed with pomegranate molasses

Corn on the cob

Heirloom tomato, feta, basil and scallion salad

Buttermilk ice cream


(everything from USG Greenmarket, various vendors)

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T-bone steak that I bought from the butcher pre-marinated in olive oil, rosemary, and S&P. I wish we had a grill, but it broiled up nicely and tasted exceptional. The steak was a little over a pound, with the bone, and it fed both of us with enough leftovers for another full meal.


Okra and tomatoes sauteed with chilis.


Boiled fingerling potatoes tossed with olive oil, garlic, parsley, and chives. They're Trader Joe's "Teeny Tiny Potatoes" and were very good--firm and creamy. (The new TJ's in Chelsea has had nice produce.)


Japanese black sesame Aero bar.

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Dinner friday night -


Watermelon and cucumber gazpacho

Brook trout stuffed with red chard

Pasta with eggplant, caramelized onions and roasted red peppers

Coffee ice cream with toasted almonds and mocha ribbon

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