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Did the marrow and puree come on the side for the diner to add? Sounds really good. What was the rest of the menu?


Talis, your pics look professional. So clear with crisp colors. What do you do? - camera, settings, lighting, tripod, etc?


The bone marrow came in the middle of the soup, it was roasted and salted and cut on the bias so you can scoop out the meat.. My butcher, a saint, did some really tricky work with the band saw.. I was like, listen, I promise, I will never ask you to do this again.. As I made the request and he started cutting, a crowd formed around the guy.. It was pretty scary work..


Funny as when I was buying 10 lbs of marrow bones from the Guys at the Meat Hook, the butcher looked at me with such disdain as I asked him to cut a piece of bone that was literally 36 inches, into a more manageable piece that would fit in my stock pot.. He looked like I asked to sleep with his sister or something.. Amazing..


The leek puree was essentially leek, vegetable oil,salt and a little lemon to brighten.. I added it in with one of those fancy spoon semi circle things that can be mixed into the soup or just taken out as there was a mixed crowd of people.. So, I figured the less adventurous can remove it and the more adventurous can steal their neighbors..


The birthday boy's favorite thing in the world was bernaise sauce.. So, we did kale arancini with bernaise sauce.. there was veal chops finanziare, we did a truffle egg custard with caviar and vodka whipped cream, we did a beet ravioli with pickled beat greens, toasted pistachios and ricotta salata, and a monk fish in a fennel broth with some orange.. Not in that order at all actually but, i am all over the place today.


It was cool as our friend from Death and Co was making cocktails that paired with the dishes..

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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Talis, your pics look professional. So clear with crisp colors. What do you do? - camera, settings, lighting, tripod, etc?



no tripod.


just a hand-held digital camera and some overhead lighting in my kitchen. :P I shoot about 60-100 pix, then adjust in Picasa. the camera is a little dinky thing, about 5 years old at this point.


thanks for the compliments. :)


Daniel -- that sounds amazing.

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Pretty meals Talis.. Did a catering event for someone last night.. It was for a guy who had simple tastes or not simple but, traditional.. Made a mushroom barely soup that came out really nicely with roasted bone marrow and a leek puree. Made a bunch of other courses but, the guy literally came in the kitchen with his spoon and dug right into the pot. Needless to say he was happy.. Made a noodle kugel cheesecake birthday cake which was a big hit.. He loved sour cherries so we served a sour cherry sauce along side.. It was a fun night, my feet hurt..


So since this is the dinner thread, I ate kitchen scraps.


Tonight, me and Miss K are on our owns. I guess we are going to Shake Shack Brooklyn.


Noodle Kugel and cheesecake are two words I'm not used to seeing together. I'm intrigued. Please tell more.

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I've been experimenting with cold-smoking salmon, and wound up with some failures. Not inedible, but over-cured and over-smoked. I didn't want to waste them, so I used them to make a smoked salmon stock, then added some cod, potatoes, cream and chives for a fish chowder. Nice and warming on a cold winter night.

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Mostly leftovers from Sunday night, however this was tonight's starter:



"Eggs n' things"


Onion and leek, cooked until meltingly soft, and combined with roasted cauliflower; topped with a poached egg and some salmon roe.


Still a work-in-progress, mostly b/c I want to try making a sabayon one of these days. This is a riff inspired by a dish at Eva, a restaurant in Los Angeles that features "organic egg with roasted cauliflower and mustard sabayon".

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that looks great.. I am discovering eating deli ham for the first time in my life.. I have had prosciutto, i have had speck on sandwiches, I have even had a croque monsiuer, a Cuban, or even an Italian Sub but, I can't remember ever eating like a plain ham and cheese sandwich.. So, this last week, I purchased a pound of honey something ham from the deli counter.. I have been making pannini on the press.. It's pretty interesting and still fairly thrilling as it's something i never ate before. I feel like I am sneaking in cigarettes or something.

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