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7 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

Yes - from the website...


A curated handful of St. JOHN signature dishes – baked quail eggs with trotter, ox cheek pie, and scoops of the cult Dr. Henderson ice cream – will be available á la carte or all together from March 7–22 for dinner. Over at the bakery, we're serving their madeleines by the half-dozen.

Reservations are limited and highly encouraged. 

That orange thing Joe pasted is what pops up when you first access the As You Are website.  It tells you exactly what the menu is.

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I think the food at st john is especially poorly suited to replication elsewhere.

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9 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

Where are you finding the menu? I can only find vague blurbs. I checked the onlyasyouare website.

Sorry if I wasn't clear; the menu I cut and pasted with stuff like "roast kid" on it was from yesterday's St. John menu!

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