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The latest issue of Fine Cooking (July 2005) features, on its back cover, savory salt from harvested lavender, from Eatwell Farm, a small organic farm in the Sacramento Valley (Nigel Walker, prop.).





Just wondering if you knew of these folks?



I know of Eatwell only from association with the farm dinners I used to photograph. Nigel and Frances were going to host a dinner, then didn't. I never got to meet them.


I was thinking of them, though, as I am currently in Napa, and hope to go by a couple of farms on my way back home. They're a little out of the way, though. Maybe I can get over there when I go up to Sacramento/Reno next month.


I know they're doing good stuff. And I love lavender. (Wow, I'm deep, huh?)

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I never noticed this thread, but I came across your blog via Google and in fact just finished a dinner inspired by one of your photos ... now I know it's you, so thanks.

Now I'm curious. Did you have rooster stew? Tomato water? Do tell!


Google turns up the funniest results, honestly. I have some minor stat capabilities with Typepad, and they tell me where people clicked in. I've got some person or persons who more than once has Googled "photos of cow utters [sic]." Which is, of course, udderly ridiculous.


As I said in my previous post, I am in Napa. Everything here smells differently than it does in my coastal town. I feel very nostalgic, and I'm enjoying it.


Thank you for telling me this, Kikujiro. Blogging is so solitary and the words you posted are very welcome to me. I hope to have some beautiful stuff up soon. This trip to Napa was pretty well-timed, and it's so amazing to be here, just two hours from my house. :)

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Tana -- salmon with morels and spring veg, though couldn't get the pea shoots. From this.

That is one of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite meals. Justine Miner....sigh. What a goddess.


Thanks again, Kikujiro. That made my day.

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How stoked am I? Just heard from the food editor of a newspaper, who saw my blog and pronounced it "brilliant," and she wants to feature me in a piece about food blogs. And I get to hold forth on what makes a good blog, and blogs I like, and so on. I'll wax philosophical...or maybe I'll just get a bikini wax instead.


I will be visiting Ferry Plaza tomorrow, I think, and quite possibly visiting Mr. Gordo in Napa this week, as well. Why? To visit farms, of course! My dance card is filled with farmers, and I'll be seeing some friends up there. I haven't been to Napa since last summer. It should be fun!

Will you post pics of your waxings?


Nice to see your thread getting the respect and support it deserves!!!

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Will you post pics of your waxings?


Nice to see your thread getting the respect and support it deserves!!!



Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said WAXWINGS!




Thanks, Scream. And thanks for call it "my thread." Ahem.


I am writing right now about the second leg of my Napa trip: my visit to Frog's Leap Winery and Garden. What?! A winery in a farm blog?! Vineyards aren't farms! (No, indeed, they aren't.)


But even though a vineyard isn't a farm, a garden with sixteen kinds of eggplant and over sixty tomatoes, practicing not only organic but biodynamic principles, and growing food, IS.


At least in my book. :)


Akiko: thank you for the kind words.


Do people here know that you can subscribe (free!) and get a little note when I add something to the blog? Blogging is lonely work, unless you are the guy at WaiterRant.

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Beautiful shot, tana! Did you take it?


And thanks for the heads up about subscribing to your blog. Somehow I had missed that. Just signed up.

I was kidding about the Cedar Waxwing being my photo.


Here's a Cedar Waxwing anecdote, though. One ran into the window of my grandparents' kitchen and died. Memaw went out and wrapped it up (appropriately enough, in wax paper) and put it in the freezer. The next morning, she called the museum in Atlanta, and asked if they had a Cedar Waxwing in their collection. Indeed, they did not, so Memaw drove the dead bird to downtown Atlanta. I don't know the museum, but the plaque says "donation from Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Parker" on it.


Memaw's fifteen minutes of fame!

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