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restaurant recommendations in rome, 2023

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we will have four dinners and three-four lunches available in rome. it's not clear that we'll eat every one of those meals out (as opposed to bringing goodies back to the airbnb on an evening or two) but assuming we do, this is what i am currently thinking (based on reading various blogs etc.):

dinner, night 1: a few hours after arrival from naples we are booked for dinner at santo palato; feel free to advise against or in greater favour of someplace else

lunch, day 2: will almost certainly be pizza after finishing up with touring the colosseum etc. thinking antico forno roscioli

dinner, day 2: in the relative vicinity of our flat is a more traditional trattoria than santo palato: trattoria monti

lunch, day 3: pizzarium before the vatican

dinner, day 3: trattoria pennestri

lunch, day 4: il trapizzino (or pizza somewhere else?)

dinner, day 4: armando al pantheon? felice?

lunch, day 5: eat lunch in rome or head early to florence? if rome, it needs to be somewhere within easy reach of the station (if the airbnb doesn't allow us to pick them up later, we'd store the bags for a couple of hours and then go to eat).


my feelings will not be hurt if you say that any or all of these are terrible choices. they're all based on desultory googling (yes, i am looking at katie parla's blog). or if there are places you'd recommend highly instead that's fine too. keep in mind the boys will be along for every meal so places that are wine bars etc. are out. bookable online is nice, but our friends can call and make reservations for us. or if your recommendations are for places that don't take reservations, very long waits will not be doable. 

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Did this place come up on any of your googling?  https://emmapizzeria.com/en/  (FWIW, I'm not a fan of trapizzini anywhere), and I haven't been to Emma since our last trip to Rome.

On that trip, we went out with our airbnb hosts to their favorite neighborhood place, Da Cesare (which is high on KP's list, I think).  I doubt it got worse, but it's probably a bit of a schlep if you're staying near the Monti.  They have seemingly opened another spot, however, so maybe that's a decent choice as well?



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