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Amari, Digestives, and Bitters

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Found Aperol at K & D Wines on 96 and Madison (with some help). What a nice store. It was their last bottle (although they do have it regularly). Bought some Cynar too. Now just have to find or remember some recipes.


Just saw this thread. Sorry Wilf, had I known you were searching for Aperol, I would have given you a bottle. I drink the stuff and keep it on hand. Good with OJ. Bottles can be found in 3 local stores here in Bklyn so just let me know when you run out.

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Small article on these in yesterday's New York Post: The Fernet Effect. Scarpetta GM Jeffrey Tascarella hopes to 25-30 varieties available within the next year.


I think I'd like to give Branca Menta a try.


In related (but not really) news, Estonia's Vana Tallinn -- not a real balsam like Riga Black (Rīgas Melnais balzams), but more of a balsam-esque liqueur -- is apparently now available in the U.S. Good thing since the bottle I brought back from Estonian eons ago is due for replacing.



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I thought Varnelli dell'Erberista was the most extreme amaro.  But I just opened a bottle of Cappeletti Elisir Novasalis.  This is INTENSE.

It comes from the Dolomites.  But its major flavor element is pine sap they get all the way from Sicily.  It is almost relentless in its weird bitterness.  (That's a GOOD thing.)

I can feel my internal organs rejuvenating. 

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