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My teenager is loose in Mahattan

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My son will be in NYC next week for a concert performance at the Heritage Festival at Riverside Church. He'll be staying at Courtyard Marriott on 40th btw 5th and Madison. Can anyone recommend decent eats in the area, especially for breakfast and lunch that won't break the bank? I think some of his evening meals are covered, including dinner at a place called 'Spanky's', god help him. Most of his mornings will be spent touring colleges or at rehearsal, so even a good greengrocer where he can grab something quick would be great. He's a pretty resourceful kid and open to all good food.


I thank you...

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There's a pleasant fish restaurant located near the Marriott called Salmon River (3 East 40th street). Lunch is possible, if you pick judiciously, for under $15-20 per person.


There's also a Charlie Palmer restaurant (Metrazur) located on the east balcony of Grand Central Terminal. Wonderful location, with a great view, but I haven't had dinner there. There was a sign for a $12.99 lunch special at Metrazur last week.


The food court on the lowest public level of Grand Central has a wide range of fast food purveyors ($5 range), while the greengrocers, fish wranglers, and cheese mongers have their stalls on the east side of GCT. It's well marked, on the arcade between the main waiting room and Lexington Avenue doors.


The Terminal is located at the junction of Park Avenue and 42nd street, about a block and a half east and two blocks north of the Marriott.



PS: welcome to MouthFuls!

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