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we ultimately didn’t end up going to chi, although thanks to @Sneakeater for the suggestion in the micromanage thread. 

most of the food on chi’s menu was spicy (which would be a turnoff to hubby), so i had to look for something else. 

the nyt gave tabata ramen a recommendation back in 2011, and it’s within walking distance of our hotel.

ildako kara-age - deep-fried baby octopus. very chewy with a slightly marine flavor. there was chicken kara-age on the menu but i wanted something different. and now i don’t have to eat it again.

hiyahi chuka - cold noodles topped with pork and pickled vegetables (cucumber, ginger), crab stick and egg in a sesame soy vinegar broth. very nice and exactly what i needed to stave off the humidity. 

tonkatsu ramen - ramen noodles with pork bone broth, chashu, black fungus, nori, scallions and bean sprouts. this is your typical ramen style that you have probably had before. nothing worth noting unless it’s something you like.

with two japanese sodas (peach and yuzu), the bill came out to $64 excluding a 20% tip.





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