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After a delightful day of gainful employment at the STHCWFF* I decided Mr. Natural was the ideal place for a slightly sun-and-crowd maddened gal to have dinner solo. I've always wanted to stop there, and when better than when one has that slightly "Earthy" aroma that comes from an afternoon at Town Lake? :D Best to stick with the patchouli-hippie crowd at the vegetarian joint!


I opted for the "special" - choice of salad, main, and 2 sides. I dunno if it's just easier to do vegetarian mexian food or that was the day's theme, but all the options had a south-of-the-border flair to them. I had a cucumber salad - light and refreshingly cool. For the main I had a Chile Relleno with Ranchero Sauce - yowza, that's a spicy sauce! The Chile was tasty, I don't care much for fried batter so I got rid of that, but the stuffing was some sort of potato-corn concoction. Tasty. And as sides, I went for Nopalitos and Stir Fry Veggies - both were tasty and had good flavor.


Now for the conundrum - dessert. Mr. Natural advertises their vegetarian bakery on the sign outside and provides an array of choices. About half the case was taken to the next level - vegan. They had vegan German Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cookies, and more. But I was mystified at the existence of VEGAN Tres Leches Cake. Hello, doesn't vegan mean no animal products? Doesn't tres leches inherently imply 3 kinds of milk? And there's the mystery of the creamy frosting without any creamy animal products! Fascinated, I plopped down the extra $2.50, figuring that I'd probably take a bite of the cake and chunk the rest.


Au contraire! I was blown away. If this it what vegans eat, I'm embracing the vegan world wholeheartedly. One of my thoughts while eating the cake was "wow, I'm definitely having a vegan cake at my wedding" and I've never had any wedding-planning related thoughts in my lifetime... ever... seriously. The cake was moist and tasty and sweet and delicious. The frosting was amazingly good, and as a certified frosting addict, I know my frostings. I'm dying to know how they made this one. As far as how it compares to "Real" tres leches cake, it's been so long since I've had that I have no idea. I will say taht it was darker colored than I though TL cake should be (whole wheat flour?).


So how do they do this? Almond milk, soy milk... but where's leche numero tres? Anyone got a recipe handy for vegan frosting?


And btw, I'm definitely eating again at Mr. Natural. Good stuff.




*Saveur Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival. How's that for an abbreviation!?! ;)

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Kristin, Vegans eat pretty well. If you ever get disgusted with animal flesh, you might hop on over to vegweb and check out some of the offerings. There are some incredible recipes. A lot of them seem fairly calorically dense to me, so they're not high on my to try list, but they do look very tasty and wholesome for those not worried about calories.


I think the 3 milks in tres leche cake are condensed, evaporated and regular milk. I'm guessing the vegan tres lech cake was like you said -- soy milk, almond milk, and some sort of vegan condensed milk. In fact, I checked Google and there is vegan condensed milk.


But in general, you can get milk out of all sorts of things besides cows -- coconuts, almonds, soy, and other things I don't know about.


I like the idea of Mr. Natural, but I think I'd gain a lot of weight on a vegan diet because I'd be eating extra calories to try to meet my protein needs.

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