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I know there are several other Katie Holmes fans on MF, so I had to post this unfortunate news, which I saw on Defamer.com   Rather disgusting.    

aren't you all just cynical? Maybe it's true love. Ashton and Demi seem to be doing well.

Was Tom Cruise, Thomas Cruz?

I just don't get how she can be so hugely pregnant for so long. For the last two minths, there have been photos of her "ready to pop"..what is this baby's gestation period?

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The pregnancy was announced at the beginning of October 2005. If they waited until the end of the first trimester to announce, it's somewhat overdue. If they announced two months into the pregnancy, I guess it's due in the next couple of weeks or so.


Sadly, the link to the online tracking of Katie's bump is working no longer. It seems to have changed size and shape with alarming frequency over time.

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I really have to ask a dumb question. It has been 16 years since my last pregnancy. when these pregnant model types wear thos low slung jeans,, does their bellies just kinda flop over the top..like, don't their waist sizes expand as well? back in the day, you wore maternity pants, or sweats. I just can't figure it out.

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Roaring into Tribeca....


As part of "Mission's" Tribeca date, the pic's marketers have arranged for an afternoon appearance on MTV's "TRL" by star Tom Cruise prior to the Tribeca fest preem.


Tribeca brass said the star then will travel by "motorcycle, speedboat, taxi, helicopter, sports car and subway" over six hours as he makes his way to other "Mission" screenings around Manhattan before the fest's official fest preem at the Ziegfeld Theater.



We wanna wreck. We wanna wreck.

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