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Katie Holmes

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I know there are several other Katie Holmes fans on MF, so I had to post this unfortunate news, which I saw on Defamer.com   Rather disgusting.    

aren't you all just cynical? Maybe it's true love. Ashton and Demi seem to be doing well.

Was Tom Cruise, Thomas Cruz?

isn't tom cruise gay? (sorry nerow)

For what? I've been in love with gay men before, and I am sure I will be again. I wonder if Tom Cruise knows that I have had several people tell me I look like Katie Holmes. Or maybe he has some cute friends.

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Don't we have better things to talk about than who is or who is not gay... I mean, how can anyone know for sure?


I follow this crap so I am just as guilty as the rest, but I am so sick of fascination with these people's lives--- the amount of money and time people spend on this has gotten out of hand. Or has it always been like this? I feel tabloid culture has become legitimate whereas it use to be a pursuit only for the really tacky.

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It beats wrangling over locking threads for 61 pages. :blink:

Having one's entrails wrapped around a tree would beat that.


Back to Katie. I notice that being "108 lbs" appears to be the ideal weight for women nowadays. "Katie 5'8'' and 108". A few years ago 119 was the popular weight on these celeb/entertainment pages.

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