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Katie Holmes

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I know there are several other Katie Holmes fans on MF, so I had to post this unfortunate news, which I saw on Defamer.com   Rather disgusting.    

aren't you all just cynical? Maybe it's true love. Ashton and Demi seem to be doing well.

Was Tom Cruise, Thomas Cruz?

anyone here look like Tom Cruise?

Perhaps LML?

Tom Cruise? He'll be turning in his grave. LML was much, much more dashing and, for goodness sake, twice as tall.

and you don't even use emoticons


now that's talent

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i realize i am complaining far too much about starlet headsize but if jennifer love hewitt's head is too small for her body, katie holmes' seems too big. or so i said last night when i threw her out of my kitchen (there was rice everywhere). get out katie, i said, get out of here you brazen hussy! and don't muck about with my expensive basmati rice.


there's a great katie holmes reference in "harold and kumar go to whitecastle".

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Huge tracts of land.

the "harold and kumar" reference centers around the visibility of these in "the gift"--a film, otherwise, notable only for containing a crackerjack keanu reeves performance as a wifebeating redneck.

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