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Anyone fancy dinner on May 9?

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Okay, spoke too quickly. Husband just called to say he'd like to join in the fun. So yes, me + 1 please

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Table is booked for 10 people at 7.30pm under the name Saunders. I will be in The Player from 6.30pm.





Me and Chris

Akiko and Chris

Miss J

Gavin Jones

and the Bapster

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I am not coming if it's raining

It's raining.


But I am willing to let you stand under my umbrella on the journey from The Player to Yagotcha.

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9 of us gathered for a dim sum feast last night. First a few cocktails at The Player then the 20 second walk to Yauatcha. We had:


2 Chinese chive dumplings

4 siew long bun

1 shiitake and duck roll

3 baked venison puff

1 fried squid cake

1 pandan chicken

2 jasmin ribs

2 asparagus cheung fun

1 fried turnip cake

3 crispy duck roll

1 baby pak choi and garlic

1 shimeiji hand pulled noodle

1 chicken feet

3 char sui bun


and various drinks. £30 pp.


I enjoyed the restaurant a lot more than I did the last time I went. The main room is a lot more comfortable than the corridor down the side. The table, lazy susan and food worked well in a large group. Favourites for me were the pak choi, turnip cake, the sticky rice, the soup bun and hand pulled noodles. I don't really get the (expensive) ribs or the char sui buns. Service was a little chaotic and we were well over our 2hour slot but on a Monday night this wasn't too much of a problem. Somehow, though, the dim sum seems better at Hakkasan and this could be purely down to the room which shouts of decadence and seduction. I would definitely go again in a group as I think it worked well. A good evening!

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It was indeed a good evening, and it was great reacquainting with Wilf & Gavin J as well as meeting Suzi. I found the room comfortable and the service slightly poncy (HOW many times did they change our plates?), though that may soley have been down to our bellini-pushing waiter.


The dishes that particularly worked for me (in no particular order) were:


Tea-smoked ribs (I sense some polarisation here, AmpleT)

Crispy duck rolls

Venison puffs

Steamed duck & shitake rolls

Macro's pandan chicken (probably the nicest version of this I've had)

Chive dumplings

Hand-pulled noodles (MUCH better than the ones I had at Hakkasan)

Baby pak choi with garlic (how can something that slmple be so very good?)


Unfortunately I was too full to partake of any of the second round of dim sum, which I put down to eating far too much during the first round. I noticed the chicken feet went pretty quickly, though.


All in all a delightful way to spend a Monday evening.

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Amazed I managed to stick to a single cocktail.

Nice buns.

Apologies for the anal fistula.

Pleasure to see everyone - apparently life expectancy of a cobra is 12-15 years.

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and life expectancy of macrosan is 94 years.

No no, you totally misunderstood the very important point I was making :D When I reach 91 my life expectancy will be 94 ... so we'll all have to wait a couple of years. And young Jones is altogether too flippant about important world issues like the election of 1906 :)


Lovely evening, a lot of fun in very good company. Great to meet Suzi :D for the first time, and the only disappointment lay in the unusually restrained sartorial elegance of our Wilf. My goodness, he would not have looked out of place in the Reform Club :D


The food at Yauatcha was fun. One or two dishes were very good (Pandan chicken and Baby pak choi) and most of the rest I thought rather ho-hum. Perhaps that's all dim sum is ... sociable food. Certainly the lazy susan was an absolute must, but it could have done with a little oiling.


The service was, I thought, rather snooty and pushy. Peach Bellinis with dim sum ? I mean it sounds crazy to me, but our waiter kept pushing them. The staff had clearly been trained to smile a lot ... in the rictus-like style of a certain person in the news recently :D But overall, they did an efficient job. And I was surprised at how cheap it was.


Would I go again ? Only in a largish group (our nine was just about right) and then probably only if someone else wanted particularly to go there.

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Very lovely to meet everyone last night. Sitting next to Gavin wasn't as bad as he suggested it might be. Highlights for me included:


Pak Choi (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

Vension Puffs

Turnip Cake (I'm now convinced the stuff I had a Hakkasan was some sort of lung effluvia. As I said last night, when I first tried turnip cake I assumed that I was the victim of a Simon Majumdar practical joke it was so disgusting)

Char sui buns (I'll take the blame for making Ample over-order on these, but I guess I benefited in the long run)

Xiao Long Bao (all others are just a facsimile of the real thing)

Shitake and Duck dumpling thing


I seemed to miss out on the chive dumplings and the pandan chicken. You have to move like lightening with you lot :-P


Other highlights included the overview of socialist newspapers in the early 1840's, admitting that my sole reference points are currently the Guardian weekend magazine and Popbitch and not being booted out of the restaurant and discovering that monkey tastes like rotting eggs (let's not order the monkey cheung fun next time, eh?)


Ample- can you publish that list you mentioned of what things taste like?

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