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I just need these, all the time:


Confederacy of Dunces...Toole

How Green Was my Valley..Lllewellyn ( oh, to be named Bronwyn!)



Any thing by Ann Rand, once a year

Any thing by Anne lamott, once a year (to balance between the two)


Langston Hughes Collected Poems, ..."Life for me aint' been no crystal stair"


Grahme Base books,Phinneous Phish... timeless. As is Mike Mulligan, but diferent alltogether.


Most importantly, Calvin Trillin. Almost every day..I rotate the books in my car, and read a bit while waiting for kids, clients, gas, etc.

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Confederacy of Dunces--I am Ignatius

Why did this not surprise me? :blink: Excellent book.


Kotzwinkle's The Fan Man ; must be due for a re-read.


Used to re-read Gone With the Wind once a year but got over that years ago.


There are a couple of books I re-read every so often but I would be surprised if anyone on this board has ever heard of either book or author:


Sailor Man

Leo Simpson


"Jack, who was once Harlequin, is an invisible prowler of the lairs of the Sutton complex, that marvel of human enterprise and architecture. Under the direction of the evangelist Ralph Jim Trasker, Jack tinkers with lives, comforts the distressed, adjusts inequities, censors, and is actually God, though on a part-time and amateur basis."


(Yes, it's The Invisible Man set in a shopping complex)


A Night At The Opera

Ray Smith


"The small German city of Waltherrott is inaugurating its upgraded transit system. In honour of this great event, the Burgermeister and other dignitaries are attending a performance of Carl Maria von Stumpf's masterpiece, Der Hosenkavalier. But one small thing goes awry. Cascades of cruel and unexpected laughter send Herr Einzelturm, the transit director, on a search into von Stumpf's last year of life, 1848. A Night at the Opera is a startling comedy, a tour de force of the unexpected, the bizarre, the serendipitous. It is a delightful cavalcade of fools and knaves, grouches and maniacs, frumps and tarts, heroes and clowns."


(Also admit that I re-read Lord of the Rings before seeing the movies; and have re-read each Harry Potter book prior to the movies too.)



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I used to read The World According to Garp about once a year until mt feminist consciousness couldn't let me get past all the misogyny. Now my favorite re-reads are Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad and Kurt Vonnegut's Player Piano.

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Any thing by Ann Rand, once a year

I do too...


Except it is Ayn -- not Ann. Pronounced Eye-N.

as soon as I saw this, I recalled it was spelled w/ the Y..but I never kenw about the pronunciation...thanks.

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Liza forgot Patrick Hamilton. :blink:


I have probably re-read the two collections of Jeffrey Bernard's Low Life columns more than any other book I own.


I have recently been re-reading things I first read when I was in my teens - because that's an awfully long time ago now. Believe me, I got more out of Kafka and Sartre this time around.

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Guest Adam

I will re-read anything that I don't hate. At my school (was both a primary and secondary school), LOTR was the only sci-fi/fantasy book. Must have read that 20+ times.

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generally I reread young adult books when I need to read something but don't have the energy for an adult book. I got through my college thesis reading Cynthia Voigt and Madeleine L'Engle and these days I pick up Harry Potter if I need something a bit mindless.

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