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Per Miz Cathy's suggestion:   Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age The lead singer from Travis Animal from The Muppets

Leonard Cohen   always

There was a piece on KCRW about Victoria Beckham going to Gjelina with Gordon Ramsay recently. Gjelina allows no (repeat, no) substitutions. La Beckham wanted her salad prepared with one less ingred

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People like Prasantrin probably think it's inappropriate to post Juilliard students here, but the heart wants what it wants:


Kate Mulvihill


Hey! I just noticed my name was taken in vain!


I have no issues with Juilliard students being bonked. Heck, I'd do Branford Marsalis, and he was a Juilliard student. No, wait. He was Berklee. Wynton was Juilliard. I might have done him when he was younger, but not so much anymore. I'd still do Branford, though.

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Also, what's the fun of wanting to bonk people you could never conceivably meet?


When I was introduced to Ashley Bathgate recently, it was all I could do to keep myself from saying, "Oh, hi! I put you on a bonk list on the internet."

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Ah, yes, strategy!


This reminds me of when the Spice Girls initially became famous and British tabloids ran endless "Which one would you like to bonk?" articles.


I judiciously observed at the time that since bonking any of them was out of the question, it seemed unnecessarily miserly to be forced to choose just one.

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