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Great NY Noodletown

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A quick, satisfying, and unbalanced lunch during a visit last week to Great NY City:

  • Crispy, moist, savory roast duck;

  • Enormous (ENORMOUS), sweet, crispy, juicy salt-baked soft-shelled crabs; and

  • Delicious flowerless flowering chives with more of that beautiful duck, some mushrooms, and a bit of brown sauce. (Sorry, but the Adjective Police tell me that I've exhausted my quota for the day.)

Oh, and a little bit rice, Atkins forgive me, so I shouldn't go hungry.


Pondering the meal afterwards, I realized that despite the enormity and excellence of the crabs, something was just naggingly missing. That something was browned butter.

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A quick, satisfying, and unbalanced lunch during a visit last week to Great NY City: Crispy, moist, savory roast duck; Enormous (ENORMOUS), sweet, crispy, juicy salt-baked soft-shelled crabs; an

Ms A and K and I hit the town last night.. Went for a much needed family night.. Chinese food for me, Japanese Cartoons for Miss K... All the kids were happy..   I think this is the longest run

Their rating's always been an A. I wonder how much they're paying out to maintain that?

I love this restaurant, its on my list of restaurants I miss now that I no longer live in NYC.


I'd wait for the peak of soft shell crab season expectantly every year, and then we'd go as much as possible (they aren't always that enormous, its a good time to go have them now!).


Sigh, in fact, if you want to be really piggy, when we are able to visit at this time of the year, we'll start our meal at Shanghai Gourmet (to the west of Mott on the first street below canal... I think) and have xiao lom bao, shanghai chicken, and kong shin tsai - morning glory. And then walk across to NY Noodletown and have the salt and pepper soft shell crabs, duck, and more stir fried greens.

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I had a meal at NY Noodletown recently that suggests the restaurant may have declined, with respect to its congee and soup noodle dishes. Instead of the usual nice congee (esp BBQ duck or frog's legs), my order of BBQ duck congee was full of lumpy rice that was not well-integrated into the rest of the congee. An order of braised beef and wonton soup noodles was terrible. The problems were (1) wontons that were too sweet in general taste, and (2) worse, tastes of "soapiness" due to the noodles not having been sufficiently rinsed after their immersion for the first time in water. We visited right when the restaurant opened on a Saturday (9 am); query whether that might have contributed to the poor quality level.


The food was so bad, we had to wait until 10 am for soup dumplings (more naturally flavored than Joe's; not bad) and other dim sum at Sweet and Tart. BTW, I should note that Sweet and Tart either charges $2 per table for tea (top floor), $1 (the floor that is 1/2 flight up from the street entrance) or $0 (the floor that is 1/2 flight down from the entrance). The justification is a difference in decor.

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Took a large party here a few days ago to follow-up on the soft shell crab recommendations. Even mid-afternoon, we had to wait ten minutes for a table. Ordered a mass of roast meat - the duck was especially tender and the BBQ pig had delicious sweet crackling - then many crabs. Amusing to watch someone making their soft shell crab debut trying to pick the meat out of the shell. :(


The crabs were huge, as I'd been told, and came dusted with flour and salt and sprinkled with green chilies. I could have asked for them a little crisper. Surprising, the one survivor was actually better re-heated later - a little drier. Six people stuffed silly for 100 bucks.

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oh that is upsetting. i'm not entirely surprised but now i'm not sure i could go back there (if reopened) without mentally gagging. such an old time favorite tho. i'll just celebrate the memory and leave it at that.


they'd probably dread the grade thing!

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Oh, my. We were there a couple of weeks ago. And if they reopen, we'll probably go back -- I figure it this way: it'll have to be a lot cleaner/safer than before (not that I ever saw anything horrible there, as I have elsewhere).

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