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i can’t believe i lived in nyc for close to 30 years and not once did i ever set foot inside.

well, we’re making up for lost time. apparently zabar’s offers insulated bags for travelers like us.

we’re buying a lot of appetizing for brunch tomorrow. i wish we could include some pickles as well, but the no liquids requirement is a stumbling block due to tsa regulations.









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i didn’t know about the housewares on the second floor 🤔

when we approached the ramekins, i remarked to hubby, “this section is dangerous because i am a white dish freak.” 

unfortunately, we didn’t have enough room in our luggage. i would have totally gotten a few pieces.









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My college roommate (who lived between 72nd and 3rd) introduced me to Zabar's on my first visit to NYC while I was still in college. I spent a lot of time (and money) over the years on the 2nd floor. And also in the cheese section. I haven't been in years. Guess I'll have to do a nostalgia visit next time I am in town

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13 hours ago, Mitchell101 said:

Wasn’t Jenkins at Fairway?

Dean & DeLuca, Balducci's, Fairway and I think Coach Farms (fun fact it's the people who owned Coach Leather) maybe consulting for them. My mom was super big on the know your cheesemonger and butcher and deli person deal. She would follow people she liked back in the day.

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