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i was very encouraged by the quality of my pork sandwich and by the general reasonable prices at lunch. they may get more of my lunchy custom.


They had the pork sandwich on their brunch menu this weekend ($11) and I agree that it's very tasty. The menu said it would be served with a "salsa verde," which made me think it would be Mexican-style green salsa, but it was more of a creamy pesto and not spicy at all. I'm not sure what they serve it with at lunch, but at brunch it came with a large portion of lightly-dressed cold potato wedges with salad greens that was fresh but didn't really excite me. The porky-pork was great with a cup of their tomato soup though.

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an okay dinner at the kitchen last night. once again paid for by the university (i don't think i've ever paid for dinner here; i save my ducats for frasca).


i got a pork terrine to start. this was good. the blue marlin i got for my mains was blah. the fish was cooked well, but the accompaniments did nothing for it. they do a $17 prix fixe wine pairing and it was fine, i guess. the red (i forget what it was) went well enough with the terrine, but the white (a tokai, i think) was blah. and there were pieces of cork floating in my glass, and my water glass had one chipped, sharp edge. since i was hosting a guest speaker at the dinner i didn't make a fuss. the pot au chocolat for dessert was fine. didn't get a chance to ask the others at the table how they liked their food--though at least two people left significant portions of their mains uneaten, for what that's worth.


back again on friday for another university sponsored dinner--hopefully it will be better.

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you know, my good pals alan bloom and gwcafe are completely right: some of these new-fangled fancy places in boulder are over-hyped. after one too many ho-hum dinners at the kitchen i really cannot understand the fuss people make about this place. this was my friday evening dinner on the university's dime (the saving grace). i started with the seared scallops appetizer and this was good; for my entree i got the grilled ahi with greens etc. and this was BORING. they might think about perhaps using a little more sauce, and trying for a little more flavour. we skipped dessert.


once again, i did the prix fixe wine pairing. and once again my glass of tokai had bits of cork floating in it. this is now twice in two meals.

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I'm not disappointed at breakfast or weekend brunch (they are very consistent in this department) so that's predominately when we go. The staffers are always so nice, and there's just a good vibe going on that is comfortable. We have also had good experiences at The Upstairs (they've got several Belgian beers now including Chimay on tap), but I haven't been to the main dining room for dinner in a long time since I know I can't be too experimental there (since I find myself wanting to bust into the kitchen and throw more herbs and spices around). At Frasca, I can close my eyes and point randomly at the menu and know whatever they bring will have me doing cartwheels, but I have to be a little more selective at The Kitchen.


A cool thing about The Upstairs is that between 4 and 6 they have a "tasting hour" where they bring you out a sample of something free (such as a tasty rabbit rillette bruschetta). We've also received free pours of wine before (I'm thinking this may just have been on Wednesdays when they had wine classes going on). Their flat bread with prosciutto and burrata is good, as is the roasted chicken with garlic fries (although the latter takes a long time to cook). They've taken the lamb burger off The Upstairs menu recently (although I think it re-appeared on the lunch menu). I must admit that my new favorite lamb burger anywhere is on Rioja's weekend brunch menu though. They have the "bun issue" all sussed out and it comes with a wonderful spicy aioli.


The issue with our "pals," of course, mongo, is that they went beyond expressing a substantive opinion about these restaurants and entered the territory of lying about them (such as implying that Lori & Michelle have only written about them in national publications because they are bought-and-paid-for as "gwcafe" did and telling the world you can't book a table at Frasca until October as Mr. Ranty did in the Camera).

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