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Cooking tips welcome. Especially ways to fry them with a really crispy coating.

Depends on the size and quality, but I'd be really worried about $2.50. I imagine $8.90 at Eataly means their wholesale is around half that, which makes sense. 

You can eat them for a while after they've been cleaned but they rapidly become less nice.

I’m looking to buy soft shells when I’m back for a State-side visit next month. Looks like Chesapeake crabs will still be in season. I’m thinking about ordering them from Linton's. I expect that I’ll be getting them frozen, ideally flash-frozen shortly before shipping, and that’s alright by me, as I’ll be on an island in LI Sound, and God knows how long they'll be sitting around waiting for the ferry. I also read somewhere that live crabs don’t travel well. But my question: does taste/quality differ among (from small to large) hotel/prime/jumbo/whale? I plan to do a simple pan fry and maybe serve with a ponzu sauce.

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Does their taste (or, for lack of a better word, their "cookability") degrade so significantly when frozen that I should forego them if I can't get live or "fresh"? When I lived in Philly, I always used live crabs and enjoyed them thoroughly.

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