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An Ass-Hatted New Tomato

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I had to read through this article twice to make sure I hadn't missed something: Put This On Your Tortilla Chip.


It pimps a new tomato variety – Fresh Salsa – from Burpee, which almost didn't make the cut into the new product line (shape too weird), until the CEO noticed that it held together beautifully when chopped.


...as Mr. Ball and the Burpee brain trust noted during their hands-on review, the tomato is ideal for cubing - the product can be cut into tiny pieces without becoming a watery mess. That chopability led the company to name the product the Fresh Salsa, aimed at customers who prefer to top their tortilla chips with a condiment that approximates the look and feel of newly picked tomatoes, rather than marinara.

Nowhere – nowhere – in the article is anything said about the flavor of the tomato. Apparently, tests showed that it would grow well in a variety of climates, that a “mother” plant could produce large quantities of seed, and that the seed would reliably produce vigorous plants.


Probably tastes like cardboard.


No surprise – the article appeared in the Business section of last Sunday's NYT.

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